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Clint Stewart


Somewhere between the warm sun rays and crystal blue waves of a tropical beach and the pulsing sounds and strobe lights of a dark warehouse lies Clint Stewart. An organic embodiment of the ocean since before he could remember, it wasn’t until his late teens that he was drawn into the world of electronic music. There were years of DJ’ing before the initial moment that chance drove him towards the path he is on now when, in 2007, he never stepped foot on his return flight to Hawaii and stayed in San Francisco to help run Auralism Records. As fate would have it, two weeks later he met Tassilo and later Thomas from Pan-Pot, which unknowingly at the time, would result in a friendship developing a dramatic impact on the course of his career.

It was at this time that San Francisco was having its own renaissance of techno and house with outfits such as the infamous [KONTROL] events at The Endup, Sunset Sound Systems famed open airs, Dirtybirds Golden Gate Park parties and Auralism’s psychedelic journeys at The Compound. Over the next years Clint proved himself an undeniable tastemaker and someone who always had a story to tell. He was one of the main residents at the legendary 222 Club and a regular at undergrounds and warehouses in all corners of the city as well as being a regular in New York, Detroit and LA.

2000 clint

Clint made his first trips abroad in 2008 playing clubs like Watergate, Tresor, Bar 25 and Anja Schneider’s ‘Dance Under The Blue Moon’ radio show on Fritz FM. In 2009 he went back to Hawaii for the first time since his departure 2 years prior to kick off the inaugural night of what is now the world famous Asylum in Honolulu as their first guest. Summer after summer he’d return to Berlin becoming a regular fixture at Watergate and other events playing alongside Pan-Pot.

In 2011 Clint left his solo work to pursue a new project with friend Marc Smith as Safeword. The two found immediate success with a string of big releases on Poker Flat, Dessous, and Paso before releasing their biggest EP, My Love, on Mobilee in 2012. The two cranked out a chain of massive remixes including their twist on [a]pendics.shuffle feat. Blakkat’s “Heavy Burdens High”, which was featured in Maya Jane Coles’ Essential Mix and made Rolling Stones top 20 mixes of 2013. Safeword also garnered a mass of attention with their DJ and live sets playing as the inaugural guest for Lee Burridges ‘All Day I Dream’ open airs in LA and BPM as well as the infamous Mobilee Off Sonar events.

It was the summer of 2013 when Clint decided to break away to pursue his solo work. It was time to showcase his own sonic story on an international level and was hand picked by Pan-Pot to join them on the 10 year anniversary ‘X-Tour’ as well as the first artist on their new label Second State. With the first three Second State showcases in Paris, London and Berlin being a huge success and his sets garnering him an immense amount of attention as a unique and skilled DJ, Clint was ready to reveal his own voice as a producer with a line of hefty remixes as well as his first solo EP, ‘Warpaint’ already receiving massive reaction. He further solidified his place as a rising talent with follow up releases on Second State and is one to watch on the international landscape. Who can forget his set in the car park at Tobacco Dock at LEAF 2015!

Catch him in London this March for the Second State showcase!