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Hi Curses. Thanks for taking the time to speak to LWE – what have you been up to?

Whats up! I’ve been in remix land lately, and putting the finishing touches on 3 of my upcoming EP’s.

You’re living in Berlin now. How long have you been there for, and how’s it going?

Officially and legally… 10 months. I lived here 10 years ago, so much has changed, but the city’s energy and inspiration is still very strong.

Was it a hard decision to leave NY?

Born and raised in downtown Manhattan, I thought I would never leave, but… things have changed a lot with NYC’s nightlife…and rent is so expensive now it’s a joke. Leaving friends and family was hard, but I still visit quite a bit.

What’s your favourite think about parties in the UK / London?

I’ve been playing in UK for over a decade now, and it’s always ridiculous fun. London is always very ahead of the times with the next big sound, always learning something new when I come and visit.

What can we expect from you in 2016?

I was very busy in the studio last year, and finally all the remixes and originals are coming out. I’ve got originals dropping on NEIN, Mood Music, rEJEKTS, and OFF Recordings to name a few.

How has your sound changed under the Curses from your previous Drop The Lime bits?

DTL had a very broad spectrum when it came to making music or performing. From breakcore, to bass, to rockabilly. My state of mind eventually shifted into focusing on a more particular sound. I got older I guess.

Curses taps into the dance music I grew up on before even learning how to produce or DJ – the darker Italo, early Chicago and NY House, New Beat/ Industrial vibes mixed with my current love affair with Techno. Think romantic warehouse vibes.

What have been the biggest influences on this new sound, and are there any collaborations you can tell us about?

As of late I really love what Dixon Ave Basement Jams are putting out, as well as NEIN and Multi Culti. I’ve got a bunch of collabs in the works, secrets are more fun though until the job is done.

What has been your best memory behind the decks lately?

I played this crazy rave cruise, Holy Ship in January, and the crowd is die hard. The hardcore ride-or-die call themselves “Ship Fam”. I played a couple weeks ago for our Safer At Night bash in NYC, and in the middle of a proper groove, lost in sound, I look up and see a giant fat head of my face swanging about on the dance floor… staring at me like a goofball! NYC Ship Fam had brought them through as a surprise. Pretty hilarious.

Tell us something people might not know about you…

I actually love sleeping.

Catch Curses playing at Knee Deep in Sound on April 9th