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Cuttin’ Headz at Tobacco Dock Great Gallery Preview


Last time Cuttin’ Headz members graced the decks at Tobacco Dock it was for the avant-garde Acid Future escapade back in 2015. This October date is set to be no different in magnitude; however, this time round there is a hefty emphasis upon the label which has never occurred before under the striking timber beams of The Great Gallery.

We’ve been dying to bring The Martinez Brothers back for another ruckus ever since they took the roof off Old Fountain Studios back in May. Last time they played, their set was stuffed with spacey jams, bouncing tempos and fast-paced grooves, and we can be sure to anticipate much of the same when they step up in The Great Gallery. Lucky for those who didn’t check out the laser-equipped venue, the entirety of that three-and-a-half-hour set is available online for your ears to feast on!

Loco Dice will be taking us for a spin too; he’s not one for doing things half-measure, but expect a double dose when he joins The Martinez Brothers for a spry back to back. Old school rave vibes aplenty, they’ll be dropping bombs all over the place together to get the party bumping. Loco isn’t one to usually allow his sets to be documented, but he recently agreed to let people witness the magic he circulates at Time Warp a few months back with a two-hour live stream. Go crazy!

Cuttin’ Headz has, since its inception in 2014, had a principal focus on bringing prime cuts of techno, house, hip-hop and combinations of the three to home listening. The best people to rally this ethos? Guti and William Djoko. Djoko is well-loved by LWE and has asserted his status by becoming one of our residents. Guti, meanwhile, is another devotee of staying true to his roots, and does just this by showcasing his jazz and latin heritage within his music productions. It’s a joyful and authentic combination for the celebrations.

With astonishing strobes, lighting fixtures and laser beams, The Great Gallery is known to be one of the frontrunners in music venue ranks. Expansive in size and hulking in production, the exposed brickwork and ligneous structure presents a haven for party-goers – so where better to bring The Martinez Brothers, Loco Dice, Guti, and William Djoko! When the room fills up, a charming atmosphere descends upon the dancefloor; lasers pick up frequency, emitting gossamer threads of scarlet light above the multitude of hands thrown up in the air. You’d be a fool for thinking that it stops there. Each hour that passes the lightshow intensifies exponentially, which will complement the shifts and patterns of music escorting it all. Spirals of smoke and smouldering lamps of light espouse together to search for dancers to swamp. It’s an overwhelming tactile sensation assault indeed…

Cuttin’ Headz host The Great Gallery at Tobacco Dock on the 6th October.

You can keep up to date with the latest news on their mischief here.

Tickets still available via Ticket Tannoy.