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Dave The Drummer Interview



In only a few weeks Stay up Forever and Hydraulix will combine to bring London a one off experience towards the harder side of techno.  Catch Dave The Drummer alongside the likes of the Liberator’s and Pet Trio, for a lesson in the last twenty years of underground techno.   The host for such an occasion will be The Sidings warehouse in Southwark.

What were the best things about being at a key player in the 90s when acid techno was at it’s peak?

It was a crazy time, we went mad at the weekends for days and tried to stay sane during the weeks, I made a lot of music, had some hard times and some super long parties, went abroad, played a lot and loved every minute of it, yeah it was good, not quite superstardom, thank god, but it was fun to have people totally loving what I was doing for a while.


How much has the scene evolved and changed since you first joined the circuit 15 years ago?

I’ve watched things come and go from the hippy traveling scene through the squats and then the raves, it has mutated in many different ways, people have grow up, had kids, changed direction and younger faces have come in with new ideas, and things have moved on. The world is a very different place to how it was 15 years ago. Essentially the idea is still the same, but the music and the lifestyle has changed in many ways, mostly because of the laws that govern things like squatting and illegal parties, which have pushed certain things further underground. The resurgence of punk and the live band scene has been good.


How has your sound evolved from then to now?

I’ve always been a muso, I grew up in a family full of pianists and academics so for me just stopping at techno and going no further was never an option, I played rock drums when I was 16 and Ska and Punk drums when I was 18 through to 23, then I made the switch to electronic music using breaks and samplers and finally techno came into my life. Once I got over the initial buzz of acid and hard techno I started to look at other styles and I’ve found new ideas in the world of slower techno that have really worked for me, and that’s working it’s way into my sound now.










Hydraulix has had a big impact on the underground scene over the last few years, where do you see the future of the brand?

Hydraulix is something I’m very proud to have under my belt, I’m still releasing although not as much, I’m busy as hell trying to make a regular living these days so I can feed my family, and that’s not all coming from music unfortunately, so I do what I can when I can, The most recent releases have been amongst the best in my opinion and I’m planning to stay with that sound and grow old with it and have it’s babies.


What are your thoughts on the use of technology and DJ’ing? Do you think using a laptop takes something away from it, or adds new elements to it?

I honestly do NOT GIVE A S***! and I don’t think anyone else should either!

My Advice, do what works for you , end of.

Sick of the discussion?………..yeah you could say that, just a little…NEXT!


What are your favorite countries to play in and why?

Brazil is just crazy and love all my Brazilian friends, Japan although I haven’t been there for years is just wonderful to visit, I’ve been playing in Germany recently and I love it because it’s so clean and functional, France is fun and very passionate, Spain is full of nutters, so is Italy, only they have better clothes, the UK is OK but needs more people in the clubs and less commercial bullshit hype.


What country has a thriving squat rave culture, that you wouldn’t necessarily expect?

Venezula is a wild card country, where DID that rave scene come from?


What can we expect from you in the three hour extended set?

Erm… 3 hours of me playing techno?


Apart from music do you have any other passions or hobbies?

I’m becoming a web designer, still got a way to go but I’m getting good at the old interweb wotsit thingy.


Any other forthcoming projects we should look out for from yourself of Hydraulix?

Yes the new DAVE The Drummer website, yes it’s coming, no it’s not finished yet …sorry about that, I’m working on it (my new phrase for everything).

The re-issue of all the old Hydraulix online as well as on iTunes and Spotify is coming soon.  Along with completely re-mastered tracks, proper artwork, unreleased remix versions etc…..the Hydraulix box set is on the horizon!