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Davide Squillace Presents: This and That


The Village Underground will hold host to Davide Squillace’s This and That night on 27/04/13. With Dorian Paic on the lineup, this is a must for fans of London’s thriving House and Techno scene. Refusing to follow the boundaries This and That is a tool that is harnessing the talent of producers, visual artists and ultimately artistic creativity. The night is set to break down presumptions about the music, as Squillace gives his take on our beloved genre. We spoke to Davide ahead of this highly anticipated event taking place in East London.

What has been the ethos behind the This and That project as a creative project?
The driving force behind This and That has always been creativity. The whole project is built on a bunch of different artists working together to create a synergy of different medias. It’s not just about music. Music is the first product of our output, but we combine that with work from visual artists from around the world who produce paintings, drawings and videos etc. We are also working on advertising and marketing campaigns too. So it is a varied project, which keeps things very exciting. It is more than just a record label. It is a think tank that embraces art, media and culture as a whole.

Has it been a hard task grabbing musicians, artists and visual artists under the same creative umbrella?
It is hard work, but all that work and energy that we put into the project is ultimately repaid by the end result. It is very rewarding to see the results of something when it is finished. Working on a project of this scale is ambitious and takes a lot of dedication behind the scenes, but that only makes it seem all the more rewarding when we take step back after a project or campaign and actually take a look at what we created. In terms of managing all the artists we work with, this side of things is very easy. We like to give all our artists total creative freedom to do only what they want to. We are not big on rules or specifications here; we just leave the artists to get on with what they are best at. That keeps the whole creative process running smoothly and allows us to operate at the highest quality too.

What have been the biggest influences on your style of production?
Inspiration comes from a lot of different places for me. I can be inspired and influenced by a whole host of things from every day life. Although my experiences may make me head to the studio, things can change quickly once I start working in my studio. I can play around with different things, start to explore different avenues and then the music just starts to take shape. So music can end up sounding very different from the thing that inspired you to make that music. Each track I make is a collection of happy little accidents.

How has your sound evolved since you first got into making music
My sound has definitely evolved, like it should for all producers, but this has happened in a natural way. Back in the day when this techno thing was really big in Napoli, I pushed myself to make that kind of music. It felt like a struggle and although I put some records out, I was not too happy with the way it was going. Then I started to make music free of these constraints and just follow my own personal desires. This is when I truly started to become a true producer in my eyes. Since then I don’t think I have had a clearly defined style really. Each release is different from the next. I think I would become bored if I didn’t work in this way.

How important was the London scene to you when you moved here?
When I lived in London I became exposed to lots of new types of music, which was great as it helped broaden my musical horizon. It was that which had the biggest impact on me from my time there. Even now when I go back to London I try to see some great bands, singers and instrumentalists and stuff. London will always be at the forefront of pushing new and exciting sounds, so it is great for any producer to experience that first hand.

What has been your most memorable experience as a DJ?
For sure, my highlight would be that i have had the opportunity to be a resident DJ at DC 10.
My favourite part about it, is that it collects music lovers from all around the world and they enjoy everything we play, its a special place.

Most rewarding thing about what you do?
The most rewarding thing about being a DJ and producer is making other people happy. Whether it is playing at a club, festival, whatever or releasing music, it’s seeing that reaction from the people who take it in that provides the real kick. That’s not to say that I play what I think the crowd wants to hear though. I have belief in my own ability to stick to my own principles whilst also entertaining the people that come to see me.

When you are at the club, out of all your DJ friends, who do you have the most fun with?
Wow, its definitely a long list.. I mean Massimo my tour manager, Guti, Martin , Mathias, System of Survival, Andrea, Antonio, Mila, Vito, my team.. its endless , my apologizes if i have forgotten anybody.. its really an infinite list. It’s like when you are at the Golden Globe awards and you have to give your acceptance speech.. I thank this person, and so on and you forget people.. It’s just too long to list.. heehee!

019 LWE Mix – Davide Squillace (This and That) by Lwe on Mixcloud

This and That
27th April 2013: 10pm-6am
Village Underground, Shoreditch EC2A 3PO

With support from Mark d’Ground b2b Gavin Rayner and Enzo Tedeschi (No-Attitude)


Advanced Tickets: £15 to £20 + bf