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Don’t fear Dense & Pika are here…


When we released the first part of the Drumcode Halloween lineup, some of the first comments were, “where are Dense & Pika?”. Well, don’t worry, they’ll be back to shake some dust out of the rafters at Tobacco Dock this October; with their chunky, relentless brand of techno that’s littered with a soulful groove.

With Chris smashing in programmed beats on the TR8, Alex brings in the melodies with a variety of other plugins and other bits of hardware; harmoniously brought together through a pioneer mixer. The performance, live manipulation of tracks and variety in each show is second to none. Constantly moving and evolving into new directions, you won’t ever hear the same track played in the same way.

While in the studio they remain dancefloor focused, which has allowed them to create a series of weapons. One of the most beautiful techno records to have come out in years has to be Colt; it’s the type of track that really stands out and sticks in the mind after you hear it for the first time. One of the jewels in their crown, the duo’s long association with Hotflush was celebrated earlier this year, with a retrospective “Update” 12 track compilation. Featuring “Ten original cuts from Dense & Pika’s back catalogue are complemented by two recent remixes from George FitzGerald, who tackles “Colt,” and Grain, who remixes “Airless.”

2016 has also seen the duo release the Calf EP on Drumcode. Dense & Pika’s latest Drumcode release comes in the shape of a heavy four track EP, ‘Calf EP’. The four tracks showcase Dense & Pika’s signature industrial and dynamic style, each track bringing its own unique sound to the release while being unified by the sledgehammer intensity throughout. The release is laden with sporadic vocals, clanking samples and serious kick drums throughout – another heavy hitting, ear whipping release from Dense & Pika.

Join us for Drumcode Halloween on Oct 29th at Tobacco Dock.