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Design internship


We have a design internship opportunity in our marketing team at LWE! If you have a real passion for electronic music and are looking to get experience in the industry, please get in touch. 

You will have a chance to enhance your video editing skills and static graphic design by working with the direction of our designer and in collaboration with the rest of the marketing team. 

You will spend your time assisting in creating artwork or promotional videos and there are many additional areas you may be able to use your skills such as 3D rendering / animation / illustration / photography / videography / conducting interviews with DJs / web design.

We work with a wide selection of artists from across all genres and range from commercial to underground. Knowledge of the tastes and cultures of the different genres will help you in the role.

To apply please email:

Please send a CV, and any example of any past video editing or design work that you think will help your application.