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Disclosure Mix On Mary Anne Hobbs Xfm Show


Disclosure are currently hot as can be and what better platform to showcase their talent’s then Spectrum!

Disclosure are an excessively talented pair of brothers from South West London whose musical abilities outstrips some artists who have been in the game since before either of them were born. At only 17 and 20 Guy and Howard Lawrence write and produce, they DJ and when playing live, they expertly utilise between them Drums, Keys, Guitar and Bass and employ an assortment of MPC gadgets for staggeringly accomplished performances. Musically, they mix and create 2 step and garage influenced bass music with airtight production prowess. Cited influences include everything from Burial to Joy O, to the classic jazz of Coltrane, Miles Davis and Roy Ayers, with their resultant output sounding like a unique hyperactive blend of all the above, cut with the fragmented samples of soulful divas.

Check out Disclosure’s mix on Mary Anne Hobbs Xfm show:








Tickets are flying out for spectrum: