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Dismantle Interview


You’ll find it hard to see another back to back pairing in London as well suited as Breakage b2b Dismantle, but that’s exactly what MistaJam has cooked up at his next Speakerbox event this October. Having released on the likes of Digital Soundboy, Dismantle is a producer that has really taken advantage of the leftovers that have been left after dubsteps global boom a few years ago. He represents the new breed of young British bass driven producers, that are taking in influences from this movement as well as garage and underground house. Making beats strictly for the dancefloor we speak with a producer that shouldn’t be categorized…

We saw on your facebook page that you’ve just turned 21 – feels like you’ve been around a lot longer than that… did you celebrate in style?
Yep, the big 21. I always try to celebrate things in style, although I didn’t get up to much on my actual birthday but I had an amazing birthday weekend. Played 4 festivals and all of them were amazing! Chunky at Kendal Calling hosted for my set and he got the crowd to sing happy birthday to me at the end of my set, which kind of cringed me out – but at the same time having a few thousand people singing happy birthday isn’t something you’ll forget in a hurry! Oh, and Artwork made me stage dive, which I had never done before but it actually went alright haha!

You’ve been lucky enough to make an impact at quite a young age, but when did you realize ‘this is what I want to do?’
I guess when my tracks started getting signed like Warp, Clone and obviously Computation. I then started getting a load of bookings after getting on the Coda roster, (now with Fran at Echo Location) which started getting in some money so I guess I thought this could give me a living. It’s always something I’ve dreamt of and wanted to do, just like the next producer or DJ, so as soon as I thought there was a little buzz going round I thought ‘yeah lets give this a go!’. Also signing to Digital Soundboy was always going to be something amazing, so I had to live up to that!

The free download you have just given away on your Soundcloud called ‘Spots’, is sounding hot… is this a taste of what we can expect on your next release on Digital Soundboy?
It was a re-rub of my track Dots from last year which was arguably my most popular track from my last EP. I’ve slowed down the tempo on my next Ep and featured a Danish artist called ‘Lucy Love’ on my track ‘Round and Round’. The other two tracks are club bangers really, I just hope they get a little circuit in the last part of the festival season before the due release date of September 30th.

What have been the highlights of your summer so far and much planned for the rest of it?
Playing at festivals and going to China and New York for a documentary i’m filming with Boxfresh and Vice. I think I would have done over 20 festivals after Outlook and Bestival which is a massive achievement for me. Some of the festivals I have been going to as a punter for a while so its great to be on the stage and performing! Rest of the summer, I’m just excited about getting this release out there and seeing out the festival season at SW4, Carnival, Outlook and Bestival.

We are well into this year’s festival season, what have been your best festival memories as a DJ and as a punter?
Probably Parklife, as it was one of the first i played this year and start of the season and it went off!! Full tent and the crowd was amazing. I also had Tonn Piper on mic duties who was absolutely wicked! From that we’ve now started doing shows together so I’m really happy about that, he’s such a sick host. As a punter, probably Glasto cuss I had never been and it was so amazing there.

If we were to walk into your studio what would we see?
Me. haha. Erm i’m just moving to one in South London. You will see a brand new iMac I’ve spent a load of money on as my last one is wearing out a bit. Adam a7x monitors with some mackies aswell. I haven’t got the most technical set up I use plug-ins mainly. I want to start looking into getting other stuff soon though.

What’s coming out on your label Gangoon Dubz?
New Hizzle Guy EP will be dropping. We’ve got a few people were looking to release on there aswell. A young guy called Bosey who is only 17, he’s making some sick tunes which will be coming out. Also got our annual Goonie Island night in Brighton which were really looking forward, last years one was amazing and its’ always nice to throw a party in our hometown! We’ve even got one in Belgium too! Come check them out!

As an artist what’s the best thing about releasing your music with Digital Soundboy?
There’s so much to mention. But there’s an amazing team there. Working with Shy FX, who needs no explanation really, is just a massive achievement for me in itself. My first vinyl I bought was a Shy FX, Digital Soundboy one!! Working with Breakage, B Traits, Stamina and everyone else has been amazing as well and I feel really at home there. The label has got so much lined up from now till the end of the year and in 2014 so keep your eyes peeled!

Any other projects your working on that you can talk about?
In talks with a few artists about started side projects, but I don’t want to say too much at the moment as we haven’t even started haha. I’ve been in the studio with Buraka Som Sistema and we’ve got a track that’ll be forthcoming, and also have been making tracks with Breakage a lot as well!

And finally what are you most looking forward to playing back to back with Breakage at the next Speakerbox event in October?
Annoying him and pissing him off so he clangs all of his mixes. Hahaha!


MistaJam presents Speakerbox
powered by LWE and Bootleg
Saturday 12th October
10pm to 6am

Building Six, The O2
Peninsular Square
SE10 0AX

Very Limited Early Birds only £12.50 / Standard tickets £17.50 to £25 + bf