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DJ Focus – Axel Boman


Axel Boman is the type of DJ we love here at LWE. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and seems like he is up for having a laugh, which is what it’s all about right? Hailing from Sweden, he‘s certainly not as easy to package into a box like Ikea furniture, but here we go!


Since striking gold with Purple Drank in 2010, (released on Pampa Records) Axel has continued to hone his imaginative and spacious sound. Looking back more recently to the track “Hello”, his sound has matured into something wholesome, meaningful and has a timeless ring to it. The combination of clicks, stretched pianos and vintage jazz sounds in this track give it a real floaty never-ending edge. Maybe it’s his love for Abba and their really strict view on sampling that makes everything this man does sound so good. Or maybe it’s the fact that in his view Sweden is going through such a great period musically at the moment.

His DJ sets are expansive and create an infinite amount of possibilities, twists and turns. Always moving his sets pulsate with a progressive hedonism, that showcase his obsessive nature when it comes to undercovering tunes you’re never heard before, but instantly love. Acid, Calypso, Afrobeat, Disco, are just a few nuances of sound you might hear if you dip into any of his sets for 15 minutes. Always youthful in spirit his sets are exceptionally well put together, forward thinking and never preplanned. They flow with a youthful intrigue, keen to unearth a whole hybrid of sounds. When he’s digging into his record bag, he’s like a kid in a candy shop and jumps at the sweetest thing that catches his eye.

Axel Boman – Crack Mix

His melancholic, low-slung productions have become staples in the sets of DJs far and wide; whilst his label Studio Barnhaus continues to output the music of some other excellent artists. Run in conjunction with Kornél Kovács and Petter Nordkvist the Stockholm based outfit is championing an authethic brand of electronica. With releases from Baba Stiltz reflecting the type of sound the label are going for – absolute dancefloor hammers!

It’s hard to believe that he’s not released an original track since 2013, so fans were happy to hear that he’ll be releasing a new EP on Pampa in July. This out there EP will be the perfect fit for DJ Koze’s label, and the first one that supported his productions. Keep an eye out for the release that will be called 1979 – we’ll post it once it’s up!