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DJ Focus – Craig Richards


Serving up cuisine and never fast food, the organic sounds of Craig Richards have made him a stalwart name in London’s scene for sometime. A resident for Fabric, Craig is trusted week-in-week-out there, and much of the clubs musical identity is based around his sound. He’s part of a selective breed of DJs that have managed to curate a distinctive sound for themselves, despite not producing heavily that alias. An ever-changing story, Craig has helped to define the sound of the club, since the very beginning and with that a generation of clubbers. We’re really excited to give him a rare London outing outside of fabric on the 8th August at Tobacco Dock… although naturally he’ll end up there for the after party!


Craig curates his own The Nothing Special events and record label, Heel to Steel with Seth Troxler, and Fist or Finger alongside Jozif. As well as releasing music under his own name, he also produces as Scumdolly, Blunder and Tyrant. as if that wasn’t enough, he is an Avid visual artist and is able to create a vivid image in his sets; which are often a wonderfully eclectic voyage,

Whilst holding down his other creative projects outside music, Craig has not always been a big fan of being a touring DJ, and says he has more fun when playing in London. Still a fan of vinyl and rotary mixers, he’s not one to avoid the USB sticks; as he’s conscious of saving his back. That said he finds it hard not to find himself in record shops during the week; finding records that you’ve probably never heard of and will never find. One thing we didn’t know about Craig was that he is also an avid painter/artist and London isn’t actually his permanent home. He lives in the sleepy town of Poole on the South Coast. If there is something we know for certain, it’s that Craig Richards will still be talked about in Fabric in twenty years time, even if he’s not playing there.

Speaking to Crack Mag, he nicely put how he can see his role in the club.

“I’ve been on before or after all kinds of people in three different rooms and the resident can be the most awful person to come on after in any club. I like playing after people who’ve banged the fuck out of it but I don’t think I’ve spent any time consciously thinking about adapting, one adapts with the music you buy in the shop and you keep moving along that way…

…Someone gave me a piece of advice years ago and said ‘don’t ever play anything you don’t like.’ This is good advice if you’re intending to burrow under slightly or take it a different way. If you become a jukebox or buy things you don’t like you become creatively knackered. So for the most part I buy what I like and I just play it. It seems a bit simple the way I’m trying to say it, but it really is that simple. ”

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