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DJ Focus – Dungeon Meat


Rewinding back to last year, it’s hard to forget Tristan da Cunha’s set at Shoreditch Underground with 20/20 back in August. He’ll be spinning the finest house cuts again this year as 20/20 Vision heads to Studio 338, but this time he’ll be joined by Brawther to make the tasty pairing that is Dungeon Meat.

Dungeon Meat is the production guise and label coming from the minds of these two heads, and the mission is simple. “To slay all the ploddy , medium rare, diluted “fischer price” house music and bring the finest club cuts designed to detonate dancefloors.”

What does this mean?

Basically they are releasing, creating and playing raw and meaty tracks that are designed for sound systems and not headphones or laptops. Essentially it’s music that makes you shake at the core and is stripped back to the basic elements that do this; loosing all the unnecessary frills. Brought together by a passion for digging out classic house tracks, and uncovering forgotten or hidden club weapons, they are bringing in the meatiest sounds.


Speaking to fabric at the end of last year. “We became obsessed by a certain style house music that was raw, powerful, sleazy & stripped down club tracks and we started to call it ‘Dungeon Meat’, the words seemed to reflect the sound that we were feeling and wanted to play, so I suppose that was the first seed planted.”

This then quickly progressed into them creating an imprint that could provide a platform for this niche sound they loved. And before they were creating meaty cuts of their own! Their best known for this gem as a production outfit…

The guys have also harnessed the talents of Mr. G, Point G, Julian Alexander, Blunt Instruments & more on the label. Check out this one from Point G that we’re loving.

Having emerged from the depths at the end of 2012, Dungeon Meat’s humble accent looks to accelerate this summer with a residency at Jamie Jones’ Paradise night. We’re really looking forward to having them at Studio 338 this summer, but beware music vegans this is not for the faint hearted.