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DJ Focus – Felix Dickinson


We happily introduce you to Felix Dickinson – The man behind Cynic Music. A true character who has been routed in the culture of UK dance music for sometime, and still thinks more outside of the box than most. Continually evolving and consistently fresh, it doesn’t matter what the fad of the time is, Felix ignores all of the fluffy trends. With his DJing career starting in 1990, he was running labels three years later, and by ’96 he’d put his ear to making music. Highlighting a compliment from DJ Harvey at his first gig as an early inspiration, we couldn’t help but recognise a similar resemblance. Like Harvey he’s also a keen surfer, and seems like a laid back kind of dude!



Felix has released on a cluster of highly revered electronic label as a producer, with Eskimo and Futureboogie two contrasting names; conveying his varied tastes and soundscapes. Hard to pigeonhole, his style could best be described as Acid/Disco/Rock, with all three styles complimenting each other fluently in his sets. A regular DJ in Japan before all of the restrictions on licensing came in, Felix still has a strong connection to the Tokyo scene and some of the other cities.

Always on point he gets you in the groove with polished, uplifting and hypnotic soundwaves. Check out this wonderfully soulful, smooth and warming mix from Felix.