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DJ Focus – Jackmaster


Having blown up at a simIlar time to other Glaswegian’s Hudson Mohawke and Rustie, Jackmaster has shifted the goal posts on what we’ve come to expect from DJs. It takes something pretty special for someone to get booked week-in-week-out, at the best clubs in the world when they’re not a producer. In what can often be a market that’s driven by the songs you make, Jackmaster is part of a select unit that have just focused on their DJing. Of course being one of the chief heads behind one of the best labels in the UK Numbers, makes him a massive appeal to the heads.


When he’s behind the decks though; there’s only one thing your thinking: “This is fucking good!” With so much synergy between himself and the CDJs, there are very few that do it with as much Flare as Jackmaster. He’s not looking at the crowd when DJing and thinking “what would they like to hear”, he’s in the crowd, going mental at the front and letting his mind take him wherever it wants to go. Transferring every bit of his hedonistic energy into every turn of the mixer, Jackmaster knows how to do it the right way; almost making the equipment an extension of himself. An obsessive attention to detail, well oiled taste and an encyclopaedic knowledge of music and you get wonderfully eclectic sets. And for that reason he’s just as suited to stepping up on the desks after Loefah or Nina Kraviz, as he would be to Greg Wilson or Theo Parrish. Listen to his 2014 master mix for a glimpse of the sounds that he dips in and out of.

Want to find out more? Jackmaster gives an interesting account about life in Glasgow in a documentary with RA at the end of last year. The co-founder of Numbers gives a personal insight to his relationship to the city, from everything from it’s people and of course the music.

Check out this recent mix of him back to back with fellow Glaswegian Jasper James