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DJ Focus – XXXY


Rupert Taylor aka XXXY is a Berlin based producer who has been involved in Music his whole life although he has only seen recognition for his talent in the last few years. XXXY’s unique use of Garage cross rhythms and dubby bass lines fused with a sound palette of classic House and Techno are just a few of the reasons why he’s garnering so much attention these days.



Since the release of his ‘You Always Start It/Ordinary Things’ EP on Doc Daneeka’s ‘Ten Thousand Yen label in 2011, XXXY has gone from strength to strength. He achieved this EP being featured in Pitchfork’s coveted ‘Best New Music section as well as now having multiple releases on the revered Pirate turned legit radio station Rinse FM, this to go with his regular show on the station. We are all very excited to see what XXXY has in store for us in 2015.


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March 28th : 10pm – 4am