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Drumcode Halloween in Review


 This year’s edition of Drumcode Halloween represented half a decade of collaborations between LWE and Adam Beyer’s Drumcode. It was a bone-rattling experience that we’ll cherish for a long time to come and we’d like to thank everyone who has taken part in these terrifyingly great endeavours over the past years.

Looking back to the event we can’t help but focus our attention on the grandiose line up. Consisting of past, yet ever so relevant icons of the underground scene, and rapidly burgeoning talent, the event showcased Drumcode’s full spectrum of sounds, delivering an eclectic infusion of Techno to the masses.

Representing NYC, the man from across the pond Layton Giordani kicked off festivities in hard fashion with his own brand of heavy belters, introducing and synthesising Drumcode’s sound into one great two-hour set in the Gallery. Glaswegian underground scene pioneers Slam inaugurated the Car Park on the day, further blasting their own Soma releases and Drumcode tracks to the crowd that could have easily been played during peak-time at an after-party. Homegrown Boxia was handed the toughest task of the day, as he lead the way in the Great Gallery with his transcendental and otherworldly soundscapes. While no easy feat, Boxia’s experience and savoir-faire over the decks introduced the Great Gallery and topped the task magnificently.


As the hoards of zombies, vampires and other gloomy characters took over Tobacco Dock, Italian-born and Drumcode-nurtured Enrico Sangiuliano took over the decks in the Gallery. The rendition on the day of his very own “Astral Projection” will forever be one of our favourite clubbing moments. Saturated with groove-filled synths and sinister vocals, the big room Techno pulsated an otherworldly mixture of eclectic sounds, breaking down into one of the edgiest throbbing tracks we’ve ever heard.

Enrico Sangiuliano – Astral Projection – Drumcode 

Following Enrico, Marco Faraone and Nicole Moudaber filled the Gallery to capacity. Their sets were outstanding and provided the punchy, cutting-edge belters that Drumcode is renowned for. The crowd responded magnificently to their track selection, presenting an almost call-and-response atmosphere between the DJs and the marauding, gloomy crowds. “Elevate” by Radio Slave, SRVD and Patrick Mason was possibly Marco’s standout tune of the afternoon.

Radio Slave, SRVD, Patrick Mason – Elevate (Original Mix)

Taking matters underground, the Car Park crowds – still on the high provided by Glaswegian stalwarts Slam – were further spoiled by Dense & Pika’s unique take on slamming techno. Swinging between a live and DJ set, the UK duo smashed out some colossal tracks, enhancing the already stripped back and music-focussed atmosphere with a heavy-hitting set. Iberian DJ Paco Osuna furthered the underground and bedevilling atmosphere with his own brand of percussion-laden and groove-filled Techno, fuelling the crowds for the arrival of the DJ of the moment Charlotte De Witte. Charlotte’s closing set was outstanding and one of the best sets we’ve ever witnessed in the car park – we are sure the crowd will agree… her rendition of Kontal’s “Parallel” possibly summarises her own style on the dot, as it merges sinister synth hits and acidy sounds, with her own – almost reckless – pounding drums.

Kontal – Parallel

Alan Fitzpatrick’s closing set at the Gallery was one of the funnest we’ve seen, as Alan played with the crowd, delivering his uplifting, yet heavy hitting tracks. Camisra’s “Let Me Show You” provided the most standout moment of the evening, as the punchy bassline flooded the riveting room, sparking smiles on everyone’s faces.

Camisra – Let me Show You

Last, but definitely not least, Adam Beyer’s 5-hour set in the Great Gallery was the highlight of the day. Surrounded by white candles, tombstones and chandeliers, Adam’s set transported minds across the dark and gloomy, to otherworldly and more uplifting seams – a somewhat cosmic voyage across Techno’s infinite soundscapes. It was a Techno masterclass that we just cannot wait to take part in again. Choosing a highlight off this outstanding set was an impossible task, so we settled for the track that has most been making waves this past summer – Adam Beyer and Bart Skils’ “Your Mind”. Bart Skils had actually blasted out his deep rolling drums, bass rhythms and stimulating vocals, for an exceptional peak time set previously, handing to Adam Beyer an already-ready crowd.

Adam Beyer & Bart Skils – Your Mind – Drumcode –DC191

As the night crept on and the crowds split up to their respective after parties, we couldn’t help but feel ecstatic about the day’s successes. Once again thanking all those who made the day a triumph, we cannot wait to see you at our next events!