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Drumcode Halloween – Join The Cast


Pick a tribe and join the cast for London’s biggest Halloween techno rave at Tobacco Dock!

Which tribe will you choose?

Vampires vs Witches
Zombies vs Mummy’s
Beasts vs Devils
Or the Grim Reaper vs Frankenstein
Or will you join one of the buildings many ghosts?

But be warned Aliens from planet 808909 have have hijacked Drumcode Halloween and are abducting the DJs for an infinite rave far away from your galaxy.

Come and join us or loose these DJs to another universe…… hahahahahahahahaha

Join L.W.E and Drumcode on 26th October at Tobacco Dock and expect…

4 rooms of music
A spooked out techno soundtrack
Amazing decor, and immersive production
Plus a bone rattling sound system.