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Dubfire returns to Tobacco Dock


Dubfire is an innovative DJ with many creative talents, placing him ahead of the game due to his forward-thinking approach towards the underground music scene.

A musical pioneer, Dubfire reached global success from the get-go. His motivational drive combined with a passion for electronic music is what ultimately brands him as one of the world’s influential DJ’s known to house music.

Bringing his A game to the notorious Tobacco Dock Car Park, Dubfire will play alongside Guy Geber, Art Department and Matthew Dear. Renowned for its exclusive visionary atmosphere, Dubfire will seize the Car Park and share his passionate connection with techno upon the Tobacco Dock attendees.

Success for Dubfire has been evitable since his debut in 2007, performing around the world and collaborating with iconic DJs such as Joseph Capriati, Four Tet and Carl Craig. His latest album Retrospectivo 2008-2016 boasts adventure where the fast-paced drilling beats creates a considerable impact on our ear drums. Each track articulates the underlying fundamental nature of techno and we can only anticipate greatness from him at Tobacco Dock.

Dubfire’s expert use of techno beats is an exceptional aspect of his music to look forward to in the Car Park. The collaboration between such prolific DJs with the sensational ambiance of such a ground-breaking venue is certainly a performance to look forward to.