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Ekkohaus Interview


On Saturday night, Greek born and Berlin based Ekkohaus will be joining us to play a live set for our 3rd birthday celebrations, alongside other top acts from Moon Harbour and Cadenza. Expect to hear his fresh insight into deep and tech house with an ever-expanding palette of sounds certain to break down the barriers.

Having released his debut album for Moon Harbour, which includes a collection of new material from 2010 to 2012, this man can do no wrong. ‘Noschool’ is a 13 track album demonstrating his signature sound – warm 4/4 beats, involving bass and cute sampling – but also leaning on a whole lifetime of influence from jazz to funk, hip hop to dub to disco. Titled as an anti-statement to the tiring old school / new school debates that rule the electronic community. ‘Noschool” is about bridging the space in between the two well respected schools.

We caught up with Ekkohaus to ask him a few questions about his studio, record making process, his time with Moon Harbour and more.

What sort of performance can we expect from you Live set at the LWE Birthday?
Well, I don’t do the same thing at any time, any venue, any slot, so considering it is going to be a warehouse location, it will portably be something like “Vocal Techno” ….Bouncy, bassy, dark and sexy……

For the nerds our there – What does your live set up consist of?
Macbook Pro running Ableton Live 8, RME Fireface Soundcard, Korg Electribe EMX, Evolution UC 33 midi controller, Korg Pad Control, RNC stereo compressor…..

If we were to walk into your studio what would we see?
Everything that I just mentioned, plus a Mackie mixing desk and monitor speakers, a Nord modular,  Jomox M Base, MFB 503 & 522, Novation Drum Station,  Roland R8 and some custom made analogue monophonic synths with original Korg MS20 filters.

Talk to us about the process you go through when making a record. Do some come quicker than others? Is there a ‘process’ for you or does it come quite naturally?
For me, there is not a magic button, or a template that I can load the same settings every time. There is a sound palette and certain aesthetic I guess but from there anything may happen. I could start making a drum loop or working on a sample, a raw sound or an old unfinished idea. Surely some records are done in a matter of few days and others take years. I guess the best tip is to work in a studio without Internet…

How did you end up working with Moon Harbour?
The affair with Moon Harbour started back in 2008. I knew Matthias and I had sent him some material that later got released on “Cargo Edition” the sub label from “Moon Harbour”. In 2011 I had my first featured track in Moon Harbour, “House Geenie” and ever since then I have been contributing some music to the label with “Noschool” being the most recent release earlier this year. This collaboration expands more than just releasing with Moon Harbour or Cargo edition though, I am also part of the Agency and this has given me the chance to play alongside with the all the great artists featured in it. Moon Harbour is based in Leipzig, which is next to Berlin, so we often have the chance to play parties together.

If you could give advice to any young producers wanting a career in music what would you say?
Try to have a personal sound, have a lot of patience and work hard –  This would be a good advice.

What’s been the best freebie you’ve had?
Freebie? Sorry, I don’t quite get the question. Is there such a thing?!

If you could have one superpower for a day what would it be?
To be able to render thought visible. Render music  or visual ideas. To be able to record what ever goes on in my brain. This would be awesome.

Over your career is there a favourite moment or memory that sticks out from one of your performances?
This will have to be Fabric room 1, a few years back, one to remember. That room just has an amazing sound, great experience indeed.

When not in the studio or behind the decks what do you do with your spare time?
I cycle a lot, read quite a bit, play backgammon and chess, some basketball, watch movies and appreciate good food and wine with the company of friends.

Finally, look forward to seeing you at our birthday and are there any projects or forthcoming releases you want to shout about?
Well, my album on Moon Harbour is still fresh and one should also check the new eps from the label too.

As for my production, some tracks are going to be released on a vinyl only –  label later this year – Something I never did  before.  Then there are a few remixes just released on Neovinyl, and Tabla Records.

Thank you for the little interview. I am really look forward to this new London experience to!

LWE 3rd Birthday
Great Suffolk Street Warehouse, SE1
Saturday 6th July 2013
9pm – 6am

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Mirko Loko
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