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Extras at Awakenings & LWE present Drumcode Halloween


The 1st November won’t just be all about the techno and killer production (it will really!), but there will also be plenty of other things to keep you and your friends occupied…


To keep some fire in your belly we’ve called on Market Grill, who will offer the best British in Surf’n’Turf flavours. On top of that, White Men Can’t Jerk aims to bring you seriously tasty Caribbean chicken that’s best served ‘chilled’ in a party environment. Vegetarian options will be available from both stalls. To keep you topped up with those all-important vitamins we’ve called on Lindon’s Juice Bar selling a healthy selection of fruit juice and fruit snacks.








Beer drinkers will be pleased to know we’ll be serving draft lager for the first time in partnership with Red Stripe.

Awakenings will be bringing one of their tasty traditions to Tobacco Dock, in the form of ice lollies! We’ll have 3 Unilever trikes dotted around the venue that will serve all those nostalgic treats from your youth including Rockets lollies, Calypos and many more things to get your tongue twisted.

Rocket lolly








Dress to Impress

Don’t forget to dress up! Drumcode wouldn’t be the same without the huge effort that you guys have gone to with your outfits over the years. Who can forget Divine Madness the transexual zombie…? If for whatever reason you bottle out of dressing up, but have a change of heart when you turn up, there will be some face painters on the day. Not just any face painters though, but the amazing talents of Gilttermasque and its team of professional make-up artists who will come armed with ready made bullet holes and all sorts of other creepy prosthetic treats.












The Chillout Area

There’ll be plenty of spaces to chill, hang out with friends and get away from the Techno fiesta that will be going on around the 3 stages. We’ve relocated this area to a lovely part of the building with a glass roof, exposed beams and the perfect ambience to take 5 minutes or more. There’ll be live graffiti, plenty of furniture and sofas to chill on, plants to keep up the oxygen levels and of course you’ll still be able to hear the rolling basslines.

Original Penguin have joined forces with LWE and will be bringing legendary graffiti artists Boaster and Tizer to spray live which will add an interesting visual element to proceedings. The iconic fashion brand has had a long standing history with music and through their much celebrated Original Penguin Plugged In Series it continues to identify and champion a diverse array of artists.

P.S. They’ll be some weird and wonderful goings on from a secret cult who want you to join their following… We have tried to tell them you won’t be interested but they wouldn’t take no for an answer. Watch out for them around site.