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Extras at LWE NYD at Tobacco Dock


You’ve seen the lineup, you’ve got your ticket, and it’s almost time for LWE NYD at Tobacco Dock. Forget about those New Year’s resolutions for a bit longer… Here are a few extra bits that will be a lot more fun! Plus we’ll make sure that you get into the venue super-quick to enjoy the music, food and drink- Last time the average waiting time to get into the event was only 4.5 mins! Not bad eh?!

Brothers Winter Cider Bar
Brother’s will be bringing in their scrumptious winter apple recipes, and offering their mulled winter cider range at the event.

Bumper Cars
That’s right, the dodgems will be at Tobacco Dock for LWE NYD. Fasten your seat belts and bump your way through the first day of 2015.

Dodgems Tobacco Dock

Glitter Junction
We’ve called on Glitter Junction to bring a bit of star dust and put it on your lovely faces. They’ll be decorating you like a fine painting and give you the extra bit of shine you’ll need on New Year’s Day… If in doubt get the glitter out.



The Chillout Area
There’ll be plenty of spaces to chill, hang out with friends and get away from the dancefloor for a bit. Following the success of Drumcode, the area will remain in a lovely part of the building (behind the back of room 3) with a glass roof, exposed beams and the perfect ambience to take five minutes or thirty. You’ll still be able to hear the music, they’ll be sofas, tables and chairs plus some plants to create a chilled relaxation zone. Not forgetting some tasty goodness…


To keep you fueled up on the day the best of British Surf’n’Turf flavours will be brought to you by Market Grill. On top of that, White Men Can’t Jerk aims to bring you seriously tasty Caribbean chicken that’s best served ‘chilled’ in a party environment. Veggie options will be available from both stalls. To keep you topped up with those all-important vitamins we’ve called on Lindon’s Juice Bar selling a healthy selection of fruit juice and fruit snacks.




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