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Faces of the underground – Dancing Misanthrope


As part of a new series of feature articles we will be doing on what keeps London’s underground music scene ticking, we are looking for the faces and personalities of this nocturnal world. When people are at a party and say “I’m just for the music”, only a few actually genuinely mean it, and one of those is the Dancing Misanthrope. Top guy and keep an eye out for him on one of London’s many dance floors.

Age: 28
3 Favorite venues in london? Fabric, XOYO, Oval Space

5 producers you are listening to at the moment?

Erol Alkan, Daniel Avery, Simian Mobile Disco, Kavinsky, Duke Dumont

What’s the best party you have been to in 2013?
Bugged Out have pretty much set the bar for quality in 2013, first with their 12-hour New Year’s Day party with 3 of my favourites: 2manydjs, Todd Terje and Dan Avery, then also the epic Bugged Out Weekender – who would’ve thought you could have the best time ever with world-class DJs like The Chemical Brothers, Erol Alkan, Boys Noize, Heidi, Jackmaster and more all in the freezing winter in Bognor Regis?

What things get on your nerves when out in London?
Twats invading your personal space on the dance floor, ironic dancing (and getting in your face to show how funny they are), inconsiderate bro twats who barge into the front and try to make out you’re the problem when you’re just trying to hold onto your dancing spot (worse still, these are the ones who’ll come up to the front but not actually dance but put their fucking pork arm on the barrier to get in the way of your ability to move) – all of that still summed up as twats invading your space. And it’s always – always – guys. Rant over.

Favorite festival?
Bestival – it’s truly the BEST OF ALL!

What are your preferred musical genres?
Just about anything electronic – distinctions on genres isn’t my specialty but electro, acid, techno, deep house, disco are all great in their own ways. But still got a taste for indie and pop, as well as other more experimental areas, noisy or minimal.

Can you remember the first rave you went to?
Like in a warehouse, or just a party with good music to dance to? In another life, about I did go to an underground theatre/club called Shunt that used to be in the tunnels under London Bridge station. A lot of experimental theatre and art installations mixed with club vibes, live music and all sorts. Nowadays, I just think less is more: one room, big sound system, great DJ(s), some flashing lights – away you go.

What’s the best thing about going out about London’s underground electronic music scene?
There’s just so much happening. More than ever, it’s a tough dilemma of what to do on the weekend when you get a mixture of great local and international talent playing in London all on the same night. So even then, there’s almost as much exciting parties happening in the week as well as the weekend.

How do you express yourself on the dancefloor?
Just dance like nobody’s watching – and if they are, who cares, just keep on dancing until the music stops!

What sound do you think is attracting the most attention across the scene at the moment?
Trap and Deep House seems to be getting pretty big. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing – I personally love a lot of Deep House but like a wide range of music so try not to pay attention whether or not it’s THE sound of the moment.

Anything else you want to tell us about yourself?
Follow me on twitter @DaMisanthrope and you’ll find out – though beware that I have a propensity to shift between raving about music and gigs to ranting in politics and current affairs. But it’s important to keep track of what’s happ