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Filsonik & Jesse Calosso Chat Tuskegee


In keeping on the Tuskegee theme we caught up with Filsonik & Jesse Calosso to chat about what Tuskegee (aka Tusk) means to them. As they pointed out, “It’s tough to say but I will say Tuskegee is a lifestyle more than anything else to us.”AF_Fil&Jesse

Here are a few things that this ethos means to them ahead of their back to back set at Acid Future…

The DJ Lifestyle

“Our DJ lifestyle contributes to the definition of Tusk. Travelling and seeing different cultures allows us to see how things are done differently around the world and we can apply that to our lifestyle.”


“Art is a big part of Tuskegee. Art isn’t just about paintings and drawings. Art is way to express your feelings whether your making music, taking photos, drawing or DJing.”

Fashion is a big part of our movement

“Especially with some of us being from New York. We’re big on our gear. Always have to have some dope kicks and hats for sure. We love the clothes we grew up wearing so when ever we get the chance, we’re always hitting vintage shops.”


The Sound

“The tracks that represent the Tuskegee sound are the type of underground, raw, dirty house tunes. We love the acid based beats that were made in the 90’s, by the American producers who were helping to develop that sound.

There’s something about the substance and character of those acid tunes that will last forever and everytime we find these tunes they tend to inspire us to create new music. We are heavily influenced by these tunes and acid producers like Adonis Armando are the type of guys we love. Their sound has been lost for a while and is ready for some ass kicking.

In the past few years we’ve been getting really into the acid sound. It gets to a point where music starts to get stagnate and everything kind of sounds similar. When we starting hearing these acid tunes it was something different that sparked interest and who doesn’t have fun making accciiiiiiiddd!

I feel we the tusk boys have collectively began contributing to bringing back the future acid… The main reaction the Tusk boys leave is that we all have positive vibes surround us, and love the growing support we are receiving worldwide in such a short time.”

Top 5 TUSK tunes:

That’s Right – Bas Ibellini

DJ Pierre – Box Energy

Joey Beltram – Energy Flash

Space & Time – Tuskegee

NY Legends – Tuskegee


“Last but not least family. I think all of us Tuskegee artists have a close relationship with their families and that helps us all to be closer with each other. Family supports you no matter what. And without that we wouldn’t be here. Being on the road all the time we don’t get to see our own families as much as we like. But on the road we all have each other’s backs and that makes us all one big family.”


Seth Troxler’s Acid Future
Saturday 8th August 2015
12pm – 10.30pm
Tobacco Dock, London

Seth Troxler b2b The Martinez Brothers (Tuskegee)
DJ Harvey
Marshall Jefferson
Paranoid London (Live)
Craig Richards
Rework (Live)
Danny Rampling
Tom Trago
Cab Drivers
William Kouam Djoko
Harvard Bass
Felix Dickinson
Bas Ibellini
Filsonik + Jesse Calosso