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Fourward Interview


Prepare yourselves for a high performance and sonic onslaught as we introduce the most breathtaking drum & bass outfit to have emerged from Austria in recent years… Fourward. Influenced heavily by the likes of Bad Company, Noisia and Ed Rush & Optical, the collective formed back in 2007 and are now signed exclusively to Shogun Audio. They’ll be bringing together a myriad of styles into the first Shogun Audio party at Fire in London, with an ultimate back to back set with Joe Ford this April.

(Interview by Damian B)


Hi Fourward. I last spoke to you for the D&BArena Blog – How’s tricks?
Hi mate, yeah all is going great thanks. We’ve been very busy the last few months working on lots of new material.

Any new tunes on the go?
Yeah a lot actually, we haven’t released a lot in the last few months, but we got a lot of new stuff in the pipeline for 2014. Our first EP is finished, mastered and ready to be released soon.

Have you approached 2014 with a slightly different mindset or is it business as usual?
It’s always a combination of both for us. Of course we want to evolve and keep things interesting for ourselves and the listeners.  On the other side we also like to stick to our guns. For us it felt like after all those years of hard work in 2013 we finally really found out, where we wanna go with our sound… so for now, we will try to keep going down that road, without repeating ourselves.

How has the reception to you guys been?
It’s been a great last year for us, we had a lot of tunes released that people were feeling and of course, signing to shogun topped the year off for us. We wouldn’t mind if 2014 would be very much alike 2013!


I have to ask… You’re going B2B for this London show?
Yes, the London show will be a B2B with Joe Ford, who also got signed to shogun last year. Really looking fourdward to that (see what I did there?!)


Does that mean FIVE of you on stage? You’ll need a big stage!
Well, the stage will be pretty big for sure, but no, it won’t be 5 guys on stage.
There will be one Fourward DJ playing a B2B with Joe, we don’t want to outnumber the man. Haha!


What music’s killing you right now?
As always, a lot of different flavours – From classic rock music like Led Zeppelin or the Stones, to some ambient stuff and some hip hop… Bit of everything really. Also listening to a lot of old drum&bass at the moment. Loads of Konflict, Stakka & Skynet and stuff like that.


I know you have many contemporaries from your part of the world – It’s a great scene! Do you collaboration with them? Anything we should be looking out for?
Not at the moment, but we will try to get Mefjus over again as soon as possible. We’ve been talking about making some new collabs with him for a long time now. Time to make it happen!


Please give us a glimpse of some tunes we may hear on the night – any exclusives? Any VIPS?
Definitely playing the new EP and as always, some stuff we are feeling at the moment. We’ll be including some new music from the Shogun camp, some Mefjus, Calyx & Teebee, Noisia, Phace… Too many to name em all!

Shogun Audio London
Friday 25/04/14
10pm – 6am
Fire London

Calyx & Teebee
Fourward b2b Joe Ford
Sam Binga

Hosted by

SP:MC, Linguistics, AD, Mantmast.

Advanced Tickets: £10 – £25 + bf
Early Birds SOLD OUT!