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Frank Lorber Interview


The first Friday of June will see Cocoon return to London, and headlining at this one will be Cocoon veteran Frank Lorber.  Having been a crucial part of the European techno circuit for the last twenty years, Frank has been with Cocoon since the very beginning.   Hailing from Frankfurt his production skills were quickly picked up by Sven Vath, and it wasn’t long before he became an integral part of the Cocoon family. With fans far and wide Frank is a well known character on the international DJ circuit, who’s career and creativity continues to flourish.

Thanks or taking the time to talk to us Frank, we’d like to start off by asking you what’s the best thing about being part of the Cocoon family?
The best part of it is to work together with friends! Most of them became close friends to me after all those years! To travel with them, to party with them, to share very special moments with them , to create something special and productive with them , being creative and last but not least to make business with them ( even if its sometimes not that easy J


If we were to walk into your studio what would we see?
You would see a lot of hardware like two huge 32 channel mixers , a lot of analogue equipment like 808, 909, 707, 101 a lot of synthezisers , effects and 2 pairs in a different size of genelec speakers!


What are your plans for this summer?
My plans for this summer didn’t changed that much from the years before, travelling toa lot to different countries , and meet nice people all over the world , try to make them happy with my music! And a lot of studio work besides travelling!


Cocoon warehouse parties have got a legendary status in London, what are you most looking forward to about playing the one on the 7th June?
I always loved it to play in London , the crowd and the parties are always spezial. It’s been a while when I played the last time in London, so to be honest I cant wait to be back in that beautiful city!


What has been the best experience you have had whilst djing?
That’s a really difficult question, I had so many good experiences in the past years, it wouldn’t be fair to talk just about one special experience! I think I will write a book when it gets quieter with djing because sometimes I think my life is a movie and I am doing the soundtrack for it!


If you hadn’t got into music where do you think you would be now?
I think I would maybe be an actor! In Theaters or in movies.


Favourite country to play in and why?
I really fall in love to Japan and the Dominican Republic because people over there are so thankful and open minded to music! And I think the nicest spots I ever played at were in the Dominican republic!  At the beach, In a forest , or a cave… just amazing!



Friday 7th June : 10pm to 6am

East London Warehouse

Jose Cuervo
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Advanced Tickets: £10 to £20 + bf