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Frankee Interview and Mix


Frankee is one of the rising stars in RAM’s ever expanding roster of forward thinking drum n bass artists. We were lucky enough to have Frankee playing at the warehouse after party and he smashed it in intimate surroundings, so we’ve got high hopes for him at Brixton. He’s been riding high in the charts this month too, topping the beatport dnb chart with Black Heart above the likes of KOVE and I AM Legion. With a fantastic back catalogue of releases and much more to come make sure you check his mix.

Catch Frankee at the first ever RAM Brixton on 1st November 2013–  for a taste of what to expect check out this exclusive mix of his:

Hi again Frankee, we spoke before, back here:
… got to say it’s been a ride, could you give me some updates since we last spoke? I hear you have some big news re RAM and the signing?

Indeed I do. I have signed exclusively to Ram so expect loads of new music from me in the near future. Apart from that I had an e.p. come out in May on Rams new output Program entitled ‘Turning point’ which went down really well. Just over two weeks ago saw my debut Ram release ‘Black heart/Wonderland’ which has also received a lot of love!

I feel that you must look at the massive sound and vibe of RAM and think ‘how do I create music that is part of it’ is that how you approach? or do you simply do your own thing? How do you approach your personal sound, what do you want to put out there?

One thing the guys at Ram have told me is NOT to try and be someone else – ‘we signed you because we like you’. Good advice that any producer should listen to.

‘Black Heart’ is a monster: you instantly recognise it when it comes on and it also made me think of certain killer tunes from the early 2000s but very much with a forward, signature sound of your own. So where did this tune in particular come from and is it part of a bigger batch?

It all started when I was sitting in the lab and just decided to go back to the beginning again. You know really go back to the basics and work back up again with all the new techniques I have learnt over the years. This was probably one of the best decisions of my life as I had about four new tunes finished and mixed in a matter of days, which essentially got me signed. This was my turning point. Hence the title of my ep on Program

If you were to approach an album, well how would you? As a compilation of tunes or with an overall concept? I guess and piecing together the vision of ‘Frankee’ and the vibe you put out there, what it’s like, it’s sort of like ‘fractured futurism’ (which I mean in a very positive way: futuristic but gritty). You tell me what sort of album vibe you would have, please.

At the moment I am just making music and enjoying it. I do have a nice healthy batch of tunes that as time goes by starts looking more like an album project. Eventually there will be an album but at the moment I’m just going to make music without a cause

Can you tell us about what you may be drawing for the Ram Brixton set? What are your thoughts on this… the live thing, the lineup, what people may expect?

November 1st is going to be absolute mayhem! The line up looks insane! I was fortunate to attend the last warehouse party in March and if that’s anything to go by I think I may need to wear body armour for this one. I think everyone is going to pull out a special set for this so expect nothing less from myself.

…and any other news, exclusives? Please give us an insight into what is on the horizon.

I have loads of exciting stuff in the near future. Me and my close friend Basher have been working together so expect something from us near the end of this year. I also have exciting remix projects but I’m afraid I can’t let off any info yet – Sorry!


1st November 2013
9pm to 6am
@ 02 Brixton Academy

Andy C – 3 hour set
Wilkinson – Lazers not included album tour
+ live pa from Arlissa & P Money
Calyx & Teebee
Delta Heavy
Brookes Brothers
Culture Shock
Rene La Vice
Phace & Misanthrop
Mind Vortex
DC Breaks
Frankee & many more!