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Free MP3 Download with Each SMD Ticket Purchase


Having started off as a four-piece band, Simian (Jas and James’s side project) eventually took them away from the rigid structure of the band to a genre hopping and exciting project now known as Simian Mobile Disco.

It’s been the pair’s love, dedication and hard earned experience that has helped them build and evolve over the last 7 years. In combination with the understanding of decades of electronic music, SMD have been able to create their own sound and audience.

Often put into the same boat as the ‘electro’ movement with the likes of Ed Banger Records and Erol Alkan, the duo have deliberately shied away from the noisiness and rockism of that scene, with the aim of achieving something deeper, avante-garde and cosmetic. Their sound is entirely confident and brings together all their influences in the pursuit of pure sonic pleasure.

Simian Mobile Disco are by far one of the most mesmerizing electronic acts to see performing live, to see them perform such a intimate show in such a great space is rare. are offering a Free MP3 Download with Each Ticket Purchase
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