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Guti Interview


Ahead of the Desolat warehouse party in February, we caught up with Guti, who is an artist in every shape and form. We hope this gives you an insight into his character and the musical journey that has taken him to where he is today.

Guti, how important was it growing up amongst a creative and musical family for where you are today?

I first wanted to be a painter. Then a writer. I remember my childhood spending everyday dreaming about so many things. Literally living in a fantasy world. And they never cut my dreams. I think that was the biggest gift from my family towards my education. When you grow up feeling you can do whatever you want, you can be whoever you want. And they will always support you. The kid grows with a complete new level of freedom. Add to that my grandmother and uncles who are great musicians was of course a big influence. But not the main one.

In terms of production style, what sounds have been most influential in your brand of house/techno?

Everything is an influence. I don’t really listen to electronic music out of the club. I see everything as music. And again everything changes, every experience. As does your music.


 How did you first get involved with the Desolat label?

It was Dice. He believed that inside of that partly messy Latino I was when we first met was who I am today. (I still was playing in the rock band, touring hard and I was totally crazy!). He is my biggest influence in many different ways. For good and for bad. He changed me and he gave another chance. He took me out of rock which was killing me and believed in me before I did.

What’s the best thing about being part of the Desolat family?

Desolat is a strange group. Everybody is so different to each other. But at the same time so similar. All the guys are super talented. We all love music on top of everything. And maybe we all should be at a mental hospital. Or at least some of us… I don’t know. Desolat makes sense. We together make sense. And we feel like a family.

Are you looking forward to playing at our SIDEXSIDE event alongside tINI?

I love tINI and I really admire her. I have watched her grow over the last few years from the girl who use to open for Dice or Marco to this amazing artist she is today. As a person she is always there for me and over the years we have become super close. She is of the few I call friends in the scene. Pure heart, talent and a nice haircut. What else you want in a girl??


What’s the most rewarding aspect of what you do?

To be able share my music with people from different cultures. To travel and to grow up on the road. It is hard for someone from south-America to first live in Europe, then to tour the world. It makes me stronger as a person and as an artist.

Do you have any mottos, or quotes that you live by?

I make music every day. I just wanna be happy.

What is your best memory playing as a live electronic artist?

Mmm so many! Must be playing live at DEMF in 2011. I was presenting my album and played right before Loco Dice. It was so emotional and amazing to see how the people reacted to the new songs, it was so important in my career.
And every time you play the terrace of Amnesia, well that is incredible… the feeling to play in front of a sea of people. Had great nights there first with Dice then With Marco and many memories that will last forever. I’ve got to say I’ve been and still am very lucky.

Favorite food?
Japanese. Again and again.



LWE and Desolat present: SIDEXSIDE
Sat 9th Feb: 10pm – 6am
Shoreditch WarehousetINI (Desolat Germany)
Guti live (Desolat Germany)

With support from Michael Wells

18+ Please note this event is for over 18s only. Bring valid ID. No Id, no entry.