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Guy Andrews Album Launch


This March Bonobo welcomes Guy Andrews to his Outlier event. The day is set to be a big one for Bonobo and will also mark the album launch for Guy Andrews. Over the past few years we’ve noted on numerous occasions just how good Guy is, so we were stoked to hear Bonobo had selected him for The Little Gallery. Even more so that he’ll be celebrating the release of ‘Our Spaces’ which is released on Houndstooth 8 days before the Tobacco Dock show; on the 4th March.  With the album he’s delivered something raw, intense, and highly expressive.

Now based in South London – Guy’s debut album brings in a whole host of musical inspirations. Branded as wonderfully eclectic LP it consistently smashes through genre barriers. Guy has worked tirelessly, and obsessively to craft the sound of this new album that reflects him as a person, artist and importantly a DJ. The album highlights a slightly different musical direction from when we first spotted Guy quite a while back, but shows how he’s evolved as a producer. The album highlights 2 years of going back to the drawing board, trying new things, liking some and ditching others. The result is very impressive and shows the journey he’s come as an artist over the 2 years making “Our Spaces.” It’s not surprising his talent’s were quickly harnessed by fabric’s trusted imprint Houndstooth.

“The new album really encapsulates all my influences and production experiments, and fuses them together. I wrote the album without a label in mind, and when it was done Houndstooth just seemed like the absolute perfect fit. They’ve really helped me complete the aesthetic and put out a record I’m truly proud of. It’s different to what I’ve put out before, but I’m more confident that this work embodies much more emotion and personality than I’ve ever previously been able to express in my music.” – Guy Andrews

Watch this live set of his at Fabric below, and you can expect more of the same at Tobacco Dock…

Listen to this one we’ve been treated to as a lead up