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Harvard Bass’ Top 5 Tuskegee Tracks & Style


Harvard Bass is an artist who combines smooth minimal beats and deep ghetto house grooves with corrosively addicting drum patterns. He has been cemented as a force to be reckoned within House, Techno music and beyond. Here are five tracks that represent the ethos of Tuskegee and the top 5 things that sum up Tuskegee for Harvard Bass…


1. Harvard Bass – Lose My Mind – Tuskegee
I chose this because its coming out on soon on Tuskegee. it’s got that flavour for you to savour. Keep your ears peeled for this!

2. Digitaline – Africa – Cadenza
I don’t know why but every time i think Tuskegee i think this track. it’s so rich in culture. i just feel as if its the perfect track to get anyone moving.

3. Phuture Pfantasy Club – Spank Spank – Trax Records
Gotta have that spank. all time classic. It picks you up and sends you on a ride to space and back without needing any space equipment.

4. Brett Johnson, Dave Barker – Stucco Homes (Derrick Carter’s 12 inch edit) – Classic Music Company
It’s just that groove baby, that groove.

5. Tiga, Boys Noize – 100 (Harvard Bass Remix) – Turbo Recordings
Straight up, we just keep it 100… always.

The Top 5 things that sum up Tuskegee for Harvard Bass…

Beach balls
“It’s like a beach ball. It comes out when the suns out, but that doesn’t mean the sun doesn’t shine at night. We’re always up for a good time which is fresh and clean like a white tee shirt.”

Ostrich boots, silk dress shirts, chest hair, & gold chains.
“It’s what I saw growing up in my small Mexican neighbourhood. If you was rockin’ people was jockin’. Everyone’s Always fresh nothing less.”

Backyard Boogies.
“Happen on the weekends, BBQ smokin’ and the vibes are always thick like a fat butt! The smile now cry later attitude is how I see it.”

Palm trees.
“Palm trees are never limited to location. It’s got it’s different colors but it doesn’t stop it from movin & groovin’ and chillin’ in different climates. Every time you see a palm tree you get a smile on your face just like when we all see each other.”

“Lots of ingredients all different colours. Combined In a tortilla which is a shape of a circle. A Circle like a beach ball being bounced around in a back yard boogie next to Palm trees while friends rockin’ ostrich boots, silk shirts with they chest hair out with gold chains on a beautiful weekend day. Tuskegee baby. ”