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Punch Drunk and Livity Sound, Hotline, Tempa, Berceuse Heroique, Hemlock Recordings are some of the labels that Bristolian Hodge has released on. Whilst producing can often be a solitary affair, Hodge thrives on getting out there and playing his music to the crowds, but his commitment goes a lot further than that. Last year he couldn’t fly due to ear problems so his Dad drove him all the way to Dimensions festival in Croatia! Maybe it’s this commitment and understanding of the dancefloor that’s made his productions a staple in the sets of many.

To Hodge the experiences he has in the clubs or at festivals are what drives him creatively in the studio. He might get a moment of inspiration whilst looking into the crowd and try and harness this into an idea for a track. Loved by the European techno crowd, his sound has nuances of the UK melting pot, with drums that nod to garage, jungle and other bass driven sounds.  There’s a strong 4/4 thrust to most of his productions, but the bashy drums and bloated basslines set him apart from the wider techno community.

Hodge is certainly one of those acts that has not peaked yet, and with a solid and consistent output he’s continued to cement his position with the heads.  Part of the Livity Sound collective he has been responsible for some of the most fresh and leftfield UK Techno excursions in the past year or so. Focusing on the original’s ‘talk to me’ sample, Hodge drops a dark, twisted techno banger in his unique style on this remix below for Dusky.

Slated for a vinyl only release initially, Dusky invite Hodge and Jerome Hill to remix the rolling techno of “Parakeet Feet’ from their recent ‘Ordinary World EP’.

Hodge plays Tobacco Dock on March 12th at Bonobo Presents Outlier