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Hot Since 82 London Memories


Daley Padley, aka Hot Since 82, has become one of the most popular artists to have emerged from the UK in years. Whether he’s touring all of the hot spots in the UK, playing in the terraces of Ibiza or coast to coast of the States; Hot Since 82 has a keen army of fans following his every move. London is no exception. The last 3 shows that the Yorkshireman has played at with LWE have sold out ahead of each date – Who can forget the first ever Taken, or the first Knee Deep In London at The Laundry?!

With his career blossoming into new directions all the time, Hot Since 82 is the perfect combination of being accessible, yet still very much rooted in the underground culture he’s always about. Seamless and flawless, his obsessive attention to detail makes his sets more than a journey… and more like an epiphany for those that witness it the first time.

Here’s Daley playing at ENTER.London earlier this year…

Before that it was Knee Deep In London at The Steelyard

And the unforgettable TAKEN.

The Hydra… Are you ready?!