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Hotflush Preview


After a hiatus of over a year, Scuba will be bringing Hotflush back to London; and with that a lineup that’s certain to give goosebumps. To make even more special it will be at The Steelyard, a new venue that perfectly balances warehouse grime with a structural and architectural elegance.

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Function is one of those producers that has been around for a while, keeps himself to himself and always draws out the true heads. Check out this news on RA about Berghain 07 that will be released in May:


Dense & Pika have become one of the highly respected production, Dj and more recently live acts to have come out of London in years, 2015 can only get bigger for them.

Check out this interview they did with Skiddle ahead of the show–Pika-Two-heads-are-better-than-one-/24719




Joining this lot will be label manager Jack Haighton, who’s pretty handy on the decks too!
Check out this mix he has done for datatransmission.


And of course there’s a lot of attention around head honcho Scuba at the moment, with his album Claustrophobia being released on Monday.

“Ultimately you can never please everyone and all you can do is whatever feels right at the time. I don’t think anyone can accuse me of following trends or jumping on bandwagons or whatever, I just make the music I want to make and then wait for the haters to do their worst. I mean, obviously I fan the flames of it to an extent with stuff like that FACT Singles Club thing, but actually it’s always been like this for me: when my first album came out people either said it wasn’t proper dubstep or I wasn’t as good as Peverelist. So I’m used to it.”

Listen to the full preview here:

Hotflush Presents…
The Steelyard
Unit 13, Allhallows Lane, EC4R 3UL

Dense & Pika
Jack Haighton