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I AM Legion: The Journey so far


Deriving from two very different cultures are two artists that have combined a range of influences to make breathtaking electronic music for the relentless party-goer. After numerous collaborations over the years Noisia and Foreign Beggars have finally made the ultimate joint masterpiece in the form of I Am Legion.

Originating in 2002, the Foreign Beggars have been at the forefront of the UK’s underground music scene for some time. Their distinctive bass driven twist of hip hop has propelled them across clubs and festivals across the globe. Noisia are another act that need no introduction, storming across the international drum n bass circuit with bundles of talent, determination and dedicated fans. As a unity the pair aim to delve further into unreached corners of the globe with a sound that shows the cross pollination of bass music at it’s best. For this reason I Am Legion was born: a musical experience to be heard at home, on the move, or live!

The album is a cocktail of influences from hip hop to rock, carefully crafted under the umbrella of heavy basslines and dancefloor driven melodies. On the 15th July the album’s debut single ‘Make Those Move’ will be released as a free download, to reveal the high quality that is peppered throughout the whole album.

This highly anticipated album will also be taken on a tour across several countries, kicking off with the London date at the Electric Brixton on 26th September. Noisia’s ability to ignite a floor with relentless basslines and the high energy levels that Foreign Beggars bring through their stage presence will make the I Am Legion show a gripping experience.

Listen to the debut single here now

Check out this fans bass guitar cover of the single that is due to be released on Monday