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Icicle Interview


In just a few weeks we will be returning to Great Suffolk Street for another night of bass fueled antics with the Shogun Audio crew.  A great addition to the bill will be Icicle, whose influences range from techno to dubstep, creating a distinctive and original sound.  Refusing to be pigeonholed to the drum n bass genre you can hear him playing all sorts on London’s number one underground radio show Rinse FM, on the second Wednesday of each month.  Here’s a few words from the man.


What was the biggest reason behind you moving from your motherland of Holland over to the UK?
Music! As my first tunes started getting picked up and my first bookings abroad started coming in, I found myself flying to England more and more. At a certain point I was flying to the UK weekly, and I though to myself ‘I may as well just go and live there’. That’s about 4 years ago now and I really haven’t looked back!


How did getting your own show on Rinse fm come about?
I was getting invited up by people like Stamina and Youngsta to do some shows early on, and then as shogun got a slot, I was doing more regular shows. As my relation ship with Rinse has always been good and I’ve done a lot of cover shows too, they offered me my own slot.


Few have managed to bring together the sounds of Drum n bass and dubstep with Techno as well as you, how has Rinse fm been a great platform for this?
Rinse has certainly helped me make my point, but so have a lot of promoters booking me for specific cross genre sets, and Shogun Audio allowing me to put out diverse music. The Rinse mix CD I did probably helped a lot, so Rinse has been instrumental without a doubt, but overall I’ve been getting a lot of support to do what I like, and it has been a lot of fun!


If you hadn’t of got into producing what do you think you would be doing now?
Well, I studied mechanical engineering, but still, I never had a chance. Music took over my life relentlessly. I just don’t think I would have been doing anything else!


What are you most looking forward to about playing at the Shogun Audio warehouse party this April?
The crowd! Last time I was amazed by the sheer mass of it and how open they were too all sorts of music. Also having over 2000 people in a venue with such a non-aggressive atmosphere was great!


Favourite festival?
There are many good ones, and I’m lucky enough to play a few this year, again I have to say I’m particularly looking forward to Tomorrowland, but most of all and without a doubt Outlook!


Over the last few years, what stands out as your favourite DJ set?
That’s really hard to say, I’ve had many great moments but all for different reason and pretty incomparable. My 5 set’s at Outlook last year where probably some of my most cherished DJ memories of last year.


What’s the worst thing about being in the music industry?
To be honest, the music industry can be hairy and no fun, but I feel I’ve left that behind me. I’ve found people to work with I trust and cut the bullshit out of my life systematically. I’m really not feeling negative about anything right now.


Apart from music what are your other passions?
Once upon a time I had many passions, I did lots of sailing and mountain biking for instance. Most of these have had to make way for music unfortunately.


Any forthcoming releases or collaborations you want to shout about?
There will be an other album at some point, which I am working on hard. I am doing a few collaborations at the moment too, but it’s hush hush for now!

Icicle Rinse FM Show – 13.3.2013


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