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Igor Vicente’s Top 5 Tracks


Igor Vicente brings bags of personality and fun to the party to match his outstanding DJ sets where deep, hypnotic and groovy house and techno is weaved together with masterful flair. A fresh member to Schneider’s mobilee crew, check out the top 5 tracks he’s playing at the moment

Echopilot – Emptiness

I missed this release and since someone made me listen to it, I play it every time. I totally see this track driving the crowd in those dark and wet warehouse.

Freaks – Discorobot ( no ears dub )

No UK without Freaks and especially this Rob Mello mind-blowing remix, all time classic, never left my bag since it was out 15 years ago, just a killer for every club.

El Rim Sordo Rhythm Group of ’84 – Orlando

Ricardo and Heiko MSO at their best here, but more like his past production, great swing, raw & dirty at the same time… I wish I could find more like this but there’s only one Villalobos…

Crustation – Flame (Mood II Swing Borderline Insanity Dub Mix) [Jive]

This is just the definition of what really is “deephouse” for me (just sayin), big fan of Mood II Swing so for sure I couldn’t miss to quote this Borderline remix. perfect for party and afterparty :).

Butane and Andras Toth – The Disc Is Rippling With Possible Futures

I play this track in almost all my sets since 2 years maybe more so I’ll play at The Steelyard for sure. Hypnotic, fresh and powerful. One by genius Butane and Andras, don’t worry… just close your eyes & dance.