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Ilario Alicante Interview


Ilario Alicante is one of the young guns of the Cocoon crew, and at only 22 he’s already causing quite a stir beyond the European house and techno circuits. His hard work and dedication to the fine-tuning of his sound has paid off, with this summer looking to be a busy one for him out in Ibiza. With his own day parties starting and plenty more shows on and off the island, we’re delighted to catch him just before he heads off for the season. Keep an eye out for an exclusive mix for LWE coming next Thursday and catch him on 7th June for Cocoon!


Hi Ilario, thanks for taking the time to talk to LWE ahead of the next Cocoon warehouse party in June. What have you been up to?
Hi guys! Thanks for inviting me. I’ve been working a lot in the studio during the week. I’m preparing lots of new stuff actually… Then on the weekends I’ve been playing here and there. 🙂

Talk to us about the process you go through when making a record, do some come quicker than others –  is there a ‘process’ for you or does it come quite naturally?
I’m always do what I feel like at that particular moment. There isn’t a process, it comes quite naturally. Sometimes I start with the beats, sometimes with a bassline or with a melody, just depends on what mood I’m in!

What have been the biggest influences on forming your own sound, and how do you try and stand out from the crowd?
First of all, clubbing. I have been a clubber since when I was 16 and that was the first thing that influenced me. Actually I don’t like thinking about how should I stand out from the crowd… because if you think about that, you miss time for thinking about the music. My thoughts are a 100% about the music and about my feelings, I have to feel good when I produce or when I listen or when I play music – Other things will come naturally.

Do you plan your sets before you play out?
Absolutely not. Sets are changing from venue to venue, from crowd to crowd.
I don’t have plans when I’m playing… apart from 2 or 3 tracks that you really want to play and you know this before.

Any forthcoming releases, collaborations or other projects you can tell us about?
Well, on Tuesday (21st May) the second episode of my techno series V_chronicles comes out. It includes 2 bombastic remixes from Skudge and Dj Rolando. Then I’m focused on my label Deepmoves. The new Parris Mitchell release will be out soon with remixes from Cassy, Fort Romeau and Ryan Elliot.

Aaand last but not least, I’m really happy that Cocoon gave me the opportunity to do a new party in Ibiza. It will be called FLASH and it will happen at La Sal Rosa on the beach, at day time. It’s so important for me and I will put all my energies in this. We will invite lots of good artists and we installed a completely new sound system. I’m really excited!

What do you feel has allowed Cocoon to be successful not only as a label, but as a world renowned party brand for so long?
We are a really strong crew in my opinion. The things that allowed Cocoon to be successful were surely the professionalism, the passion and the great sense of family that we feel for each other.

When a party and a label have been doing well for 10 years and more, it means that each component of the machine is indispensable … and we have a big machine!

What do you think are the most important advantages and disadvantages of the internet for producers?
Internet is really useful. The only important thing is not become addicted.
The advantages for producers are that you can find lots of tutorials on how to use drum machines, hardware stuff etc.

If you weren’t making music, what do you think you would be doing now?
I would do music anyway. Since it’s a passion I would do this anyway even if it was not enough to make a living on as a job! One job that I’ve always liked to do, is nature journalism. Going through jungles and doing documentaries about animals and the life in the jungle… yes, maybe I would try to do that.

Apart from playing at the Cocoon Ibiza parties this summer, what else do you have planned Ilario?
As I told you above, I will also do the “Flash” party in Ibiza. Then I will play at Love family Park this year and at lots of good festivals like Sonne Mond Sterne in Germany or Barrakud Festival in Croatia, to name only a few…
Then I will go to Japan for Cocoon Heroes at Ageha in Tokyo and to lots of other good parties!!!

Prepare your dancing shoes!

And finally, the best thing about what you do?
The smiles that you are able to give to the people dancing in front of you. You make their mind free from everything. You give them freedom, the freedom that only the music can give. Yes, this is my happiness.


Friday 7th June : 10pm to 6am

East London Warehouse

Jose Cuervo
® Tequila announces extra warehouse party date

Advanced Tickets: £10 to £20 + bf