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IMPORTANT INFO On Phone Thefts – Please Read


The new iPhone is out, which means the phone thieves and pickpockets are out in force again. We always warn you to keep your phone safe but it’s just not enough. So from now on we are going a step further to try and be proactive and tackle the problem. 

We will be ‘exit searching’ at some of our shows to try and prevent any more phones going missing.

From the moment that we open the doors, when anyone leaves they will be searched and asked to unlock any phones they have on them. This means that leaving our event may be slightly slower than normal and there may be a short wait and a queue to leave the venue.  

We really hope you understand why we are going to do this – all these measures we put in place are in the interest of your safety!


Protect your gadgets

– Install a tracker application on your smartphone, which could help trace your phone if it’s stolen.
– Stay alert and aware of what’s going on around you when using your phone in public.
– The Police are more likely to recover your property if you have marked it properly.
– Register your phone and other electrical gadgets at
– Keep a record of the unique reference number (IMEI) on your mobile phone. To get this, dial *#06#.
– Always use your phone’s security lock or PIN number.
– Ensure your valuables are property marked.
– Insure your possessions and keep the insurance details to hand.


– Always be aware of your surroundings, especially when entering/ exiting buses and stations
– Never keep your wallet or mobile phone in your back pocket
– Keep your bag fully zipped and over your shoulder diagonally
– Try and have your ticket pass or change ready in your hand so that your purse or wallet is out of sight
– Press *#06# for your IMEI number and register your phone with
– Consider downloading the ‘find my iPhone’ app


– Register your property at

British transport police have video demonstrations for the tricks of the pickpockets and gadget grabbers. Please follow the link:

Please contact us, should you require further crime prevention advice, or if you wish to discuss anything with your local safer neighbourhood team.

Ana Matvejeva | Police Constable | 200 HT | SNT St Katharine’s and Wapping | Email:

Bethnal Green Police Station | Address: 12 Victoria Park Square, Tower Hamlets, London, E2 9NZ