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In conversation with Vessels


As Vessels gear up to perform at Islington Academy Hall, in support of Max Cooper, touring his new album Emergence. We caught up for a quick chat with the post-dubstep/ techno live outfit.


There’s still a presence of you’re original Indie sound, but now some of the music your could be described as club music.
 Has the energy of the parties you play, and people you play to changed since the early days?

Yeah it’s definitely changed and evolved a lot, and we feel we’ve reached a whole set of new people with the new sound. We were firmly in the post Rock / Indie world doing that, It all started with a cover of ‘Nathan Fake – The Sky Was Pink’ (James Holden Remix), it’s an amazing song with incredible melodies. And after that we began to experiment more and more with electronic stuff until that became our primary sound.

 The energy of the gigs has certainly changed, for a start the audience are totally different. It used to be a few bearded hardcore rock fans, and now sometimes we get booked to play club nights alongside DJ’s, so people go out for a totally different reason. That’s starting to reflect how we would play the music a bit differently, we’re still learning it a bit, you just have to have a different mind set, we change a bit of what we do depending on the setting.

You produced your own video’s for your albums, do you incorporate any of your own visuals into your live performances?

We didn’t make the visuals ourselves, we collaborated with people. We’ve collaborated with a variety of people to produce a variety of types of videos over the years, sometimes our collaborators even do animation stuff. At our lives shows we tend to keep things very simple in terms of visuals and focus a bit more on the light show.

Max Cooper personally wanted you to support him, does this relationship go back beyond this gig ? And are you fans of Max Cooper?

We had been in touch via twitter and on the internet, we know maybe one or two people in common, but we were just aware of each other, and we really liked his music. It was a virtual relationship with him for a while, I guess we found out that he likes our stuff as well. I think there’s a shared respect between us so I very much look forward to meeting him in person for the first time at our show.

Being a band who come from a traditional rock set up, but have now moved onto playing left field electronic music. What are your influences, both electronic and non-electronic informing your current style and sound?

There’s just too many to mention, from Techno to Electronica to Indie. We live slightly in both worlds, but we’re still kind of evolving on that path at the moment. I think we just started to listen to a lot more up beat things, a lot of Four Tet and Nathan Fake.

You’ve been together for over 10 years, in that time we've seen music change a lot. In the “Post Dubstep” explosion we saw an unprecedented amount of musicians from a band background turn to making electronic, and the game has changed. 
‘Electronic Music’ means something totally different today to what it did in 2005, with artists such as Jamie XX or Four Tet blurring the lines, audiences who were not necessarily into Rave music before now listen to a lot of electronic.
 What has caused your own shift in style ?

I think we exist in both worlds, it’s changed, but occasionally we dip back into our old style or mix it up. What we do as a band is kind of combine a bit of both, some people have their favorite band and when their sound changes a bit they don’t like it, but you cant please everyone.