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Inside Out – Open spaces at Tobacco Dock


Tobacco Dock venue offers the perfect combination of indoors and outdoors. From the walkways to the entrance, The Great Hall to The Car Park, or the Roof Top to The Vaults; each area has it’s own distinctive characteristics, creating a different ambience in each part of the venue.

With views across London, the rooftop will provide the ultimate atmosphere for a summer party in the city, and an ideal area to catch your breath. All we need to do now is pray for some nice weather and you truly can party in style. Situated on the roof of the car park, you’ll be sipping on cocktails in the sunshine whilst people are going crazy in the Techno dungeon, just a few floors below. It’s not often people have this much fun in a multi storey car park.

Tobacco Dock Rooftop

TD Rooftop

As well as the rooms of music, bars, VIP areas and other enclosed spaces, there is also plenty of outside space for you to hang out and rest your dancing feet. If it’s a scorcher, we all know that the best place will be the rooftop, where you can refuel with some of the finest cocktails and BBQ grub from Smokey Tails at Acid Future.

On top of that, there is plenty of ‘inside-out-space’, with the large rectangular quadrant in the centre of the building offering a glass rooftop covering (meaning you can still stand outside when it rains, or catch the sun when it’s not). Plus there are plenty of roofless areas within the veranda enclosed space; with open-air areas on the 1st and ground floor to mingle with other clubbers in the sun.



Tobacco Dock




A variety of structures hold together contrasting dance floors that are interconnected by outside balconies and walkways; allowing you to look down on the central dome. Not forgetting the amazing architecture of the tunnel that takes you down to the carnivorous Car Park; a stark contrast to the glass walls wrap you into The Great Wall.

What more could you want from Acid Future? Incredible surroundings, and production to knock your socks off! This is how we make the best out of stones, bricks, water, glass, concrete and urban landscapes in the summer.