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Interview KDA


KDA is the latest artist to be added to Fatboy Slim’s Smile High Club with a special guest DJ set at Tobacco Dock. Check out his remix of Vaults which is now available for free download. Following the absolutely massive ‘Rumble’ that features on the Annie Mac Presents 2015 compilation, KDA has remixed the BBC Introducing act Vaults… It’s a 4X4 housey beat intertwined with Vaults’ soft and organic sounding vocals…

Riding high in the charts, KDA will really bring the heat to Tobacco Dock, and as he said “It’s going to be such a sick party, I’m very happy with how I’m starting my year. It’s big! There’s lots of glass and a rocking car park at Tobacco Dock that everyone tells me about.”


Out of those on the line-up, who are you going to check out when you’re there?
2ManyDJs – The last thing I heard was their Cherry Moon mix, which blew my head off! Also Severino – I have decided to make it our version of the ‘Office Christmas Party’, which I think means gifts from Ann Summers and a feeling of deep shame the morning after so…

2015 has obviously been a fantastic year for you musically. What’s been the highlight of it so far?
Overtaking 1D to No.1 in the singles charts was a bit breathtaking. I won’t forget the first time I heard Katy sing that note in the break of our single either.

Describe your sound in three words:
All my own (so I’m told) lol

If we were to walk into your studio what would we see?
Coffee, drums, my engineer Joe Ashworth and I laughing at things I won’t even try and describe here. I like to create my own little universe where there are no bad musical ideas, and no wrong jokes…

Can you tell us about any forthcoming projects in 2016?
Mostly not, but basically I’m making my album. I didn’t oversell Rumble so I’m not about to start now, but what I will say, is that I came prepared 😉

Listen to the Shadow Child edit of Rumble here: