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Introducing Cab drivers


Cab Drivers have been carving out a niche sounds from Berlin for the best part of two decades. Their analague driven sound, soon immersed after the Berlin Wall came tumbling down, and their electronic sound is club focused, hedonistic and has a timeless quality about it.

Here’s a shot of them in the studio sometime in 1995…

Cab Drivers

Check out this recent remix the guys have put out. With their fingers busy on the buttons, this is a wonderful house track, that blends the tough kicks and snares with a floaty, textured synth bassline and equally spacey background noises.

And check out this live mix from their set at Tresor Berlin a couple of months back, a feel good set that moves in may different directions, but still has a recognisable backbone the whole way through it.

Check out this wholesome sounding house track, that has given an extra pinch of spice with echoy claps and Jamaican vocals splurts placed sporadicly through the beat. Certainly one for a summers day, and we’re looking forward to hearing this one at Tobacco Dock.