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Introducing : Dream Don’t Sleep


On the first day of 2016, Maceo Plex will bring his Dream Don’t Sleep Concept to Tobacco Dock for the very first time. He’s carefully curated the lineup for the Great Gallery at Tobacco Dock that will play under this umbrella, but what is the meaning of Dream Don’t Sleep?

In an interview with LWE Maceo Plex described the idea as:

“Dream Don’t Sleep is that moment during the night when you are having such an amazing time, you get this moment when you feel like everything is surreal – kind of like a dream. You’re so happy, you’re so in the moment that nothing matters. And this point is almost like a dream but you’re not sleeping”

Press play to hear the full interview and hear why he loves Tobacco Dock

Maceo Plex has called on good friends Dino Lenny & Odd Parents to get things started; whilst the mysterious sounds of Gardens of God will bring a variable palette of floaty yet crunching sounds.

Needing no introductions Maceo was quick to request Âme live as a top choice on his list. And you can be sure that the duo behind Innervisions will give one of the most memorable performances the Great Gallery has ever seen. Second to none when it comes to one of their live sets, we’re very excited to have them celebrating the turn of the year with us. This Boiler room give you an idea of their style on the buttons

Not forgetting Mano Le Tough. If 2014 was the year that Mano finally got the credit he deserved then 2015 was the year that everything fell into place. Mano Le Tough is simply a name on everyones lips and his dancefloor weapons have become staples on the USBs and in the record bags of djs far and wide.