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Introducing Into The Woods


Into The Woods will be hosting a stage at Junction 2 2017, and a room at Printworks London this April. We caught up with the guys behind the brand to find out a bit more.

What’s the ethos behind Into the Woods events?

It’s pretty simple really. Into the Woods is purely about taking unconventional spaces, adding great music and people, and making something really special together. There’s nothing better than heading into the woods with a generator, sound rig and a bunch of amazing DJs. We’re strong believers that you don’t need a huge production to put on a great party. We’ve stuck to this since we started and we still stick to it today. Keeping to this concept has meant we’ve thrown parties in some really wicked spaces over the last year and a half. We’ve partied under motorway bridges, railway arches, in old car mechanics, art galleries and of course, in the woods. But it’s also about the people. When you take over cool spaces – just like the Printworks – and fill it with people all on the same wave length, you know it’s going to go down well. At the end of the day it’s the people that make the party, so we try to keep some control over the people attending our events; that’s why our parties are guest-list only.

How long has Into the Woods been running for, and what guests have been to the parties?

We’ve been going publicly for around 18 months. We were throwing parties before this but they were kept private as we needed to control numbers. There has always been the risk that when throwing an illegal party it can quite quickly get out of hand in terms of numbers, so we’ve always been quite careful with that. More recently we have been hiring out industrial warehouse units and licenced venues which have allowed for more capacity so going public isn’t as much of an issue. Because we’re offering something slightly different, we’ve managed to attract some amazing artists to come and play for us. Over the last few months we’ve had guests like Djebali, Julian Perez, Anthea and Adam Shelton. During the summer we usually move the party to the forest once the main event is finished so we’ve been lucky to have some of these guys continue playing outdoors in the sun!

Can you tell us about the artists that are coming to Printworks London in April?

So, for the Printworks we really wanted to showcase our Into the Woods sound. We thought it would be a good idea to bring along artists who have played for us already – many of them are residents. We’ve got 4 of our main residents playing on the day – Alex Celler, Scott Kemp, Tarek Charbonnier and Kolo & Dyze. These guys have been tearing up dance floors for years now so they aren’t new to the underground circuit. We also had Brett Jacobs playing for us at a private DJ MAG party we hosted last year so thought it would be great to have him back. G. Walker from LWE will also be making an appearance. You can expect groovy minimal techno and rolling baselines all day long…


Catch Into The Woods at Printworks London


If you could describe Into the Woods in 3 words what would they be…

Industrial, raw and minimal – pretty much encapsulates Into the Woods and what we stand for!

What is one of the best memories you have from your parties?

Ah there’s too many to list out! But if I have to choose one, I would have to say when Tarek Charbonnier played closing set for 5 hours in a converted warehouse in East London. Basically, the guys running the space really got into the music and just let keep going, so Tarek carried on throughout the morning. (VIDEO BELOW) The venue was still absolutely packed and everyone was really in the moment. When the music was finally turned off we headed over to the forest to continue the party throughout the day! Roll on summer 2017!!!!