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Introducing Kry Wolf


Over the past year Portsmouth has really picked itself up creatively and has some great artists and labels rising up the ranks.  At the forefront of this have been Kry Wolf who have been monumental in the South coasts growing music scene, consistently pushing out dance floor friendly music through their label Sounds of Sumo and more recently Food Music.  Their brand of bass driven house music has picked up support from a diverse range of industry heads; and people are now really beginning to believe the hype of this production duo. Their recent collaboration with Claude Von Stroke propelled the guys further into the limelight, and the guys are now hot property for promotors across the UK and beyond.  MistaJam has selected them for the next instalment in  his Speakerbox warehouse series, powered by yours truly.  You can catch them at this on 3rd May 2013 alongside MistaJam, Second City and on the eve of his album release the legendary Benga – First check what Lewis from Kry Wolf had to say…

What sort of set can we expect from you on the 3rd May at the Speakerbox night?
House Music of lots different varieties


Having lived in the same city as Shadow Child for so long, how did you too finally join forces to start Food Music?
We started working together on a few things while simon was still doing his Dave Spoon project but as our sound got a bit housier and he started the Shadow Child thing we wanted a place for us to showcase the sound that we were both pushing.


The reception off the first three releases has been great, and you give us any more hints about forthcoming material?
We’re really excited about our forthcoming releases… some from producers you would of heard of and some really exciting new artists. Don’t want to give too much away but we can let you know that our next release is from Kill Frenzy feat. Sacha Robotti.


And your other label Sounds of Sumo has just hit it’s 25th release.  With the latest one from Squarehead, things still going well with SOS?
Yeah its flown by and were really proud of the artists  and music we have released.  We will continue to push a more eclectic sound though SOS and look to keep bringing new exciting artists.

Check out this preview of Concrete forthcoming on SOS:

Any festivals you can tell us about you will be at this summer?
Think Bestival is the only one were booked in for at mo but what a special festival it is!


Your production styles have varied quite a bit since we first picked you up on our radar a couple of years ago.  Have you no found a sound you are more comfortable with and that you’ll stick to?
Yes and no… The bassy house thing is def where we feel most comfortable at the moment but we are always playing around with other ideas and sounds we just haven’t done anything with them as yet….


What have been the biggest influences on forming this sound?
We have too many influences to mention tbh.. anyone from Nile Rodgers to Dj Funk to SL2


Top three parties you have played at in 2013?
Speakerbox, Concrete and Exit in Exeter


Check out the podcast the guys did for us:

015 LWE Mix – Kry Wolf (Speakerbox) by Lwe on Mixcloud