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Michael Klein


Dark and groovy basslines are what defines the unique sound of Michael Klein.

The return of Michael Klein was imminent. Considering the magnitude of his last offering, the “Drawing EP“, it was only a matter of time before he returned with another stellar parcel for Pan-Pot’s Second State.

With his latest contribution “Metals EP’, Michael presents four stunning numbers displaying not only his trademark sound, but his evolution and range as a highly promising new artist. We’re super excited to have Michael making his LWE debut this March at Studio Spaces, as we’ve heard lots of key ears in Berlin talking about this man for some time.

The expedition kicks off with ‘Silver“ and with it a lush presentation of the perfect balance between thrust and elation. While a persistent rush of momentum keeps the pace, slow yet infectious rises and vast ethereal cries of spacious flickers set the stage for a cosmic ride reminiscent of indigenous settings with boundless, star lit skies!

Following suit on the A side sees Michael return to his approach heard on his last EP. Somewhere between the traditional fundamentals and the future stylings of the most distinguished techno lies “Opaque“. With incredible force and exuberance, Klein delivers off kilter grooves that create a contagious, sweat laden exhilaration, nothing short of pure warehouse bliss!

Kicking off the B side is “Outer Shell“ and it is by far the most emotional and cosmic of all the tunes! Opulent melodics construct beams of radiant light found only in the outer reaches of deep space as flashes of meteoric rises and low bursts of impetus propel the auditor into a never-ending journey into a place where time and space cease to exist!

Wrapping things up is a slow burner entitled “Dura 2 feat. aGhost“. A tune that can be played fast or at the slower original speed, it’s a beautiful demonstration of resistance and inflection. As chants of a mysteriousfemale fill the room, shimmers of lavish chimes circle slowly to secure an impassioned sentiment of sorrow, excitement and desire!

To compliment the beauty of ‘Dura 2’ he’s enrolled the services of Roman Lindau to put his spin on the original. With just a few elements Lindau expertly creates a monster of a dance floor stormer. As the bassline continually grows and shrinks with a simple but highly effective four to the floor groove, the excitement swells as short stabs of vocals entice the crowd to peaking trepidation!

Keep an eye / ear / nose / hand out for the release, or just an ear! And be sure to press play on this mix

You can catch Michael making his first appearance with LWE at The Hydra in March, where he’ll be joining Pan-Pot and The Second State crew. Find out more about that party here.