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Introducing – Mssingno


Emotional. A word completely played out within music journalism, but describing MssingNo’s ethereal splicing of R&B vocals alongside richly melodic beats that have reduced club-goers to tears, emotional definitely seems the most apt word.

Mssingno has released this one on Goon Club Allstars and reflects a dancehall meets bass, meets ragga infusion. Samples, pitch down vocals and typically hip hop snares mixes with an eski sounding bassline give this one a gully feel.

Not bad for a debut so it’s not surprising to hear that his talents were quickly spotted by XL Recordings, and when he talks about his inspiration behind making music it’s an interesting insight:

I’m neither. I take most of my influence from music that I don’t like. Un-enjoyable music influences me more than anything because it makes me want to write an antidote for it. I’m influenced by skill and also lack of. I spend most of my life listening to R&B, grime, classical and bossa nova, so most of those are always going to pop up in my music.​