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Introducing : PBR Streetgang


Pioneers of futuristic and hedonistic electronic excursions it’s PBR Streetgang! Two of the most useful guys you’ll meet when it comes to digging out classics records, and playing them with a fresh dynamic. PBR Streetgang are bringing underground sounds to the next level with releases on Futureboogie and 2020Vision hitting all of the right notes.

Those of you that have been to the legendary 2020 Vision Day / Night parties we’ve been putting on with Ralph Lawson for the last few years will of course remember the sets from PBR Streetgang. Driven by the dancefloor, their style is bubbly, accessible, fun and oozing with a cavelier spirit throughout. Known for their languid house cuts, their tracks range from straight bangers to sun-dappled piano-house. Hypnotic and psychedlic here’s a throwback to the summer sounds that they’re well known for

And to add a bit of warmth to you winter, listen to their November chart here:…/975649-PBR_STREETGANG/1648742-Chart/

Going back a few years the guys are well known for their Asylum parties in Leeds

Before that the duo recognized they shared similar taste in music going to the same record store, began hanging out and started DJing & producing together in Leeds. Leeds has been a huge influence on them musically, where they have run the Asylum parties at Mint for the past ten years; being residents at a successful night has given them incredibly valuable experience to broaden their horizons further.

Fast forward to now and listen to this recent remix the boys have done