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Introducing Throwing Snow


This March, Throwing Snow will bring his truly unique sound to Oulier. His murky, yet uplifting DJ style, will bring a unique aspect to the event. The London based producer will bring one of his innovative and captivating DJ sets to Tobacco Dock for Bonobo’s curated show.

His productions blend the elements of tracks seamlessly, balancing white noise and static sounds into something that’s hypnotic and rolling. Not always dancefloor driven, some of his productions are just as listenable at home as they would be with 10 or so heads stood around downstairs at Plastic People. Known for working at faster bpms than most, he’s not trying to follow any trends or pre conceptions, he’s experimenting to find a sound and not a genre.

Whether you have stumbled upon one of his tracks really hungover, or at the after party there are many moods that are enlightened by the wondering sounds of Throwing Snow. His Pedigree is clear to see having released on the likes of: Local Action // Sneaker Social Club //Snow Fall //Super // Black Acre // Ho Tep // A Future Without.

His debut LP was released on the formidable Hounstooth label in June 2014, the well loved album “Mosaics” was following up by ‘Glower’, the second in a series of three club-focused EPs. These melody-soaked tracks are “built for the summer, yet seen through a wintery prism,” and have formed the recent backbone of his ever-changing live set. Its predecessor ‘Lumen’ found its way into the sets of DJs ranging from Four Tet to Sasha, and ‘has continued to tick those sorts of boxes. The title track features lush synths and dizzying harmonics, with the propulsive 4/4 carried along with Throwing Snow’s characteristic percussive flourishes

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Py – SWV ‘Right Here’ Cover (produced by Throwing Snow)