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Introducing Trevino


Trevino is currently in the process of living in two cities, as he moves his stuff from Manchester to Berlin. He’s quite often managing two sides of the coin, dividing his attention between techno alias Trevino and his drum n bass moniker Marcus Intalex. As a producer he’s totally out there, and is well respected within both circles for an originality and precision that puts him above the rest. Deep and deadly is the best way to describe his style.


Listen to our favourite Trevino track here:

Top 5 tracks he’s playing out at the moment as Trevino

1. DJ Richard – Zero

2. Causa – Cimo

3. Trevino – The Hop

4. Ka One & ST Sene

5. Home Park – Sonida


Top 5 tracks he’s playing out at the moment as Marcus Intalex

1. LSB – Spell On You

2.Tokyo prose – tell me

3. Digital & Spirit – Vision

4. Marcus intalex & DJ Lynx – Stingray

Seba & Tricky Kid ft MCDRS – Fade to Red

For Marcus, the main difference between playing to a D n B and a House / Techno orientated crowd is that: “ For D n B you’ve gotta be up, it’s all about being on top of the vibe, working it and pushing it hard. For house and techno it’s a lil more laid back, you can let the tunes do the talking a lot more but it needs to be far more cohesive.